Farah El Ashiry

Egypt's Freshest Face in Fashion

Young and fresh, Farah El Ashiry has made a memorable summer for herself. With distinctive prints and summer inspired cuts, the budding 23-year-old designer behind Fufa created quite a fashion wave this season. eniGma’s Radwa El Ziki sat down with the up-and-coming designer to talk about her latest collection and future plans.

Graduating from the American University in Cairo with a degree in Integrated Marketing Communications, El Ashiry’s first preference was to study fashion and design. Although she was uncertain as to how to pursue her ambition at first, El Ashiry decided to enroll herself in pattern making and fashion design at the Italian Fashion Academy as a first step to pursuing her dream of becoming a fashion designer.

Since a young age, El Ashiry had always enjoyed the idea of tailoring and pattern making. She soon discovered that it was not as easy as it looked. Stunned to find out how difficult it was, El Ashiry worked her way to mastering all the techniques in order to become the best at it. “It takes a lot of experience to understand how to transfer a design onto a patron, to get the correct measurements, and finally turn it into a real clothing item; unfortunately there’s math involved, something I absolutely hate,” El Ashiry explains.

Not long after gaining the necessary expertise El Ashiry was ready to start a clothing line. Starting off by making customised evening gowns, basic skirts, and tops, El Ashiry’s epiphany came when her grandmother revealed her secret cupboard of fabrics, “I imagined the entire Fufa collection right in front of me.”

The vision behind Fufa is based on exclusivity, uniqueness, and ultimate simplicity. “I don’t see why I have to invent a new cut or an unusual design to stand out in the market. I believe that simple clothing with a unique twist such as the colour, the pattern, or the fabric is much more appealing and comfortable.”

From crop-tops to kimonos and rompers, Fufa’s brand is the epitome of summer fashion. El Ashiry’s selection of fabric, patterns, and the special details are what differentiates Fufa from the rest. “I’m also trying to limit the number of quantities I am making of the same design. It doesn’t make sense for everyone to be wearing the same item.”

El Ashiry hopes to continue creating collections that express her vision and love of design. “This is all so new to me, it also happened so fast!” El Ashiry jokes. Still contemplating her sudden rise to success, El Ashiry plans to execute another standout collection this fall.