Exquisite Jewellery By Heba Makled

One of Egypt’s most successful designers and member of the Women Business Association 21, Heba Makled, started her jewellery line seven years ago. She first gained attention in 2011 at an exhibition she participated in at The Opera House alongside artist Hassan El Shark. She wowed the crowd by her exhibition of a unique, crocodile-like accessory.

with the instability that followed the Egyptian Revolution, however, Makled went through a bit of a struggle in promoting her jewellery. She decided to make use of her time by learning how to manage a business at the American University in Cairo’s WEL Program.

Makled was always driven by wanting to be different and unique with her designs. “It’s not about where or what you studied, it’s really all about taste” she claims. According to her, a designer must study the market, and find out what’s new before starting work. She begins her collection with one form, and she then goes on to develop other pieces from it. “You should start with the soul of a piece,” she states. In the design of her accessories, Makled first started working with copper, and then moved on to silver and gold. Because her pieces are handmade, they always portray a sense of individuality.

Among people she’s worked with are actress Mai Ezz El Din, and designer Marie Louis. She became Mai Ezz El Din’s personal jewellery designer when she tailored pieces for her movies and TV series, including Omar we Salma and El Shak (The Doubt). As for Marie Louis, she helped her with designs and in fashion shows.

Makled’s latest collection consists of different and new forms including geometric and Arabic shapes which can match any outfit. Her Mother’s Day collection includes an open heart with two hands pulling from each side, with the word ‘mother’ engraved in Arabic, signifying how every one of us has their mother deep inside their hearts. Another piece consists of a butterfly that symbolises kindness and a light spirit, attributes which a mother portrays.

Makled typically helps women pick out the most suitable jewellery for their face. At her gallery, she assists customers and shows them how to shop for accessories. Her collections are also available at Creative Egypt. “A woman must take care of her appearance,” she notes, “a beautiful piece of jewellery can either make or break your outfit.” Adding a statement piece to your look whether you’re out during the day or going to a wedding helps a lot when it comes to a woman’s appearance; it somehow makes it more chic, Makled states.

Believing that starting and growing in your home country is important, Heba Makled finds that her job as a jewellery designer helps others. Given that she has employees that help make her brand a successful one, she claims that everyone who works with her benefits from what she does. She claims that she is successful because she is different from the market in terms of both design and materials.

Address: 11A Omarat Elkarda, 233 St, Degla, El Maade, Floor 1
Tel: +201005453440
Email: hebamakled@gmail.com
Website: www.heba-makled.com
Facebook: hebamakled.eg
Instagram: hebamakled1