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Twin Brothers Perfecting Smiles

Your teeth play a huge role in your self confidence, and Estética Dental is determined to make every one of their patients feel good about themselves. Founded by twin brothers Drs. Ayman Osman and Haytham Othman, Estética Dental is a comprehensive clinic that includes doctors specialising in all fields of dentistry. eniGma’s Ezz Al-Turkey visited the clinic in Heliopolis to find out more about its services, and to get to know more about the two doctors at its helm.

When you first arrive at Estética Dental, you will be pleasantly surprised by its luxurious, beautiful design, which is not standard fare for dental clinics. The clinic’s atmosphere is comforting and reassuring, providing a calming space for patients, especially those who normally fear going to the dentist. Dr. Ayman and Dr. Haytham Osman’s friendly demeanour also puts patients further at ease.

The twin brothers, who are hard to tell apart, come from a family of doctors and both graduated with a bachelor’s degree in dentistry specialising in prosthodontics from Medical School at Future University in Egypt. In 2017, they started Estética Dental together, with the aim of providing dental services at the highest quality possible. “At the beginning, to demonstrate what we do, each of us would upload pictures of his work on his social media accounts,” Dr. Haytham recalls, adding, “One of the first patients we had four years ago needed upper and lower veneers. When we posted those pictures, many people liked the results and began calling us. When we started adding more professional pictures of our results, more patients with many different problems came to us because they liked what they saw.”

Work by Dr. Ayman

It’s no secret that dentistry, especially in Egypt, is a very competitive field, with a large number of clinics and dentists entering every year. This competition was one of the main challenges for the twin dentists when they first graduated and decided to start their own clinic. They had to figure out how they would set themselves apart from the rest without stepping on anyone’s toes. “Of course, we faced some challenges in our journey. Competition in dentistry in Egypt is a big deal, as the number of dentists is always on the rise, and everyone wants to be at the same level. Therefore, to reach the level you aspire to as a dentist, to be special and to earn a great reputation, you have to exert more effort than your competition,” explains Dr. Haytham. “We’ve learnt that photography and social media are crucial for standing out nowadays. Taking before and after pictures with our phones is not good enough anymore. We take professional pictures of our work so people can see the true results in high quality when they come across our pages online. We think that encourages more people to come to Estética; because they see the quality of our work,” adds Dr. Ayman.

Work by Dr. Haytham

Another big part of what makes Estética Dental different from other clinics is the number of cases they do for free. They are adamant about helping the less fortunate and offering their services free of charge to those can’t afford them. While at the beginning, they were offering free dental care for patients suffering from dental pain and disease, they later decided to branch out and also offer cosmetic services free of charge. With both doctors specialising in the cosmetic side of dentistry, they receive many patients who just want a better smile but can’t afford the needed procedure. “We perform a lot of procedures free of charge, for those who can’t afford them,” says Dr. Ayman. “Many of these patients are poor teenage girls who want to get married but cannot because their teeth need a makeover and they can’t afford it. The same thing also applies to some guys. We now each do full dental makeovers for free to one patient per month,” Dr. Haytham explains, adding, “Our younger doctors at the clinic sometimes work with us on these patients. This helps them get the training they need, under our supervision of course.”

Work by Dr. Ayman

While the coronavirus pandemic has had an effect on most institutions and businesses, Dr. Ayman and Dr. Haytham have not let it impact Estética Dental. They introduced maximum safety precautions and took all the necessary steps to ensure the safety of their patients and their staff, and as a result, Estética Dental continues to do well. “During the first three months of the coronavirus, we were taking emergency cases (root canals and braces) only, even though many people were calling, wanting to beautify their teeth during the free time they had. But we stuck to our decision to limit our work to emergencies, due to the pandemic. Then, one step at a time, we began to accept more patients while taking all the needed precautions, including sanitising and wearing overshoes and gloves all the time. We also limited the number of patients in the clinic at the same time. We went from taking six to seven patients to taking only three to four patients per day. Moreover, between each client, we have an hour dedicated to sanitising all tools and materials before the next client. We also have a sterilisation company that comes to double check and sanitise the clinic weekly, in order to make it as safe as possible for everyone here,” explains Dr. Haytham.

Work by Dr. Haytham

“We’re ready to do everything when it comes to quality,” says Dr. Haytham, highlighting the fact that Estética Dental spares no expenses to achieve the highest quality. He stresses that it is extremely important for the clinic to offer the best of the best, especially in such a competitive and sensitive field like dental health. “The quality of our laboratory is an important part of what makes our work stand out. Unlike others, from day one, we invested heavily in our lab and it has become one of the best labs in Egypt. That’s why we’re special, and that’s why people trust the quality in our work. We have the latest state-of-the-art technologies and equipment in order to provide the best quality of care for our patients. It is what they deserve,” exclaims Dr. Ayman.

Not surprisingly, the twin brothers, who have grown up together all the way through university, work very well together. They describe how, despite having completely different personalities, they have found a perfect balance between their two energies. Growing up as twins, they have been inseparable since birth, so when it came to their professional life, it was natural for them to get along in that department as well. There are no clashing egos involved when leading Estética, and they don’t let any personal disagreements get in the way of their work.

It also helps that the brothers also continue to share bonding leisure activities that indirectly strengthen their work relationship. Growing up, they shared hobbies and activities, like tennis and horse riding, and now as adults, the two like to go kite surfing, which they pursue when they are away from work. “We actually used to be professional tennis players! After deciding to major in dentistry, however, we focused only on that and abandoned our tennis aspirations. To have rankings In tennis, you have to work out and train every day, and we didn’t have time for that anymore. Lately, we started horse riding and kite surfing. Hobbies are important because they relieve stress and eliminate negative energy. After the weekend, we come back to work in a good mood. This is definitely reflected in our work with our patients,” says Dr. Ayman, as his brother nods in agreement.

While Estética Dental has come a long way in the short three years since its founding, the brothers are planning to expand their Heliopolis clinic to make it a comprehensive dentistry centre. While they like the idea of opening other branches as well, they are putting that on hold, because they believe it is extremely important for them to be involved in every minor and major detail, and that would require them to be physically present at the new locations. “In the long term, we want to open more branches. However, not in the near future, because we like to work personally with our patients. We like to work on each case from A to Z, and we’re not comfortable letting another doctor take over, unless it’s for care that is not our specialty. So, for now, I don’t think we have enough time to be present in multiple branches. As for the near future, very soon, we will be upgrading Estética Dental to turn it into a fully comprehensive dental center, also located in Heliopolis.”

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Address: 39, Horreya street, ground floor, Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt.