Engy Wegdan

Egypt’s Emerging Comedienne

We’ve definitely enjoyed a lot of laughs watching Engy Wegdan in the hilarious movie, H Dabbour starring Ahmed Mekky and in the sitcom Tamer and Shaw’ya with Ahmed El Fishawy. This one of a kind actress, who is also a talented film editor, clearly has a genuine comedienne’s charisma. eniGma’s Salma Hussein spoke to the budding actress on her life and career.


Engy Wegdan studied Mass Communication, Architecture, and Theater at the American University in Cairo and her dream was to become an actress. However, before pursuing her ultimate ambition she started working in film editing, and her work as the film editor of the Oscar-nominated documentary The Square attests to her talent in that field. “Naturally working on any other aspect of film production helps any actor or actress,” she says.

But it’s acting that she’s really known for. She made us laugh again in the film Sameer, Shahir, and Bahir. Her role in the successful Ramadan series Saheb El Saa’da (The Man of Happiness) and Niran Sadika (Friendly Fires), as well as the movie Teer Enta (Fly) are part of her string of acting successes.


Tell us about your career path before becoming an actress.

I started working in directing and video editing and then I traveled to work in Dubai, but I decided to come back to Egypt after a while. Out of pure coincidence, Hossam El Husseiny, a friend of mine, asked if I wanted to get into acting. He arranged a meeting with Ahmed El Fishawy and before I knew it, I was part of Tamer and Shaw’ya. It is also worth mentioning that Director Sherif Arafa was the one who convinced my mother of my decision to get into acting.

Which do you prefer, the big or small screen?

They both have their own audience and I generally care more about the role and how good it is rather than whether it’s on TV or in theatres.  Of course TV was my starting point and will always have a special place in my heart.

What was your favourite role so far?

H Dabbour was definitely my favourite. It was so much fun working on that movie and with such good talents.


Which Egyptian actor/actress inspires you most?

Omar El Sherif, Adel Imam, and Hend Sabry.

You are known for your comedy roles, but do you see yourself in a different genre?

I am well known for my sense of humour and comedic roles, but being an actress demands versatility. I explored that with my role as Georgette in the series, Niran Sadika. I’m more diverse in future roles as well; all without giving up on comedy because that’s my thing!

Where do you plan to be a few years from now?

I don’t like to think of the far future, but I do hope that I will be doing what I love most. I am very loyal to my fans and I always try to show them more sides to me and most importantly bring some laughter into their lives.