Leave it to one of the world’s hottest designers to select the ideal spot for an elegant home that was built to entertain. Much like his designs, Elie Saab’s home is smooth, spacious and glamorous. Located in Faqra, known for its many monuments and magnificent scenery, it’s no wonder that Saab chose it to be his retreat from everyday worries and the place to entertain his friends.


Sitting Area
This area is at the heart of the house. It provides guests with ample seating and a view of the entire floor.
Infinity Pool
Built right on the edge, the breathtaking infinity pool looks like it’s merging with the horizon.
Common Area
Ample seating, a bar, a great view, an infinity pool and a pool table. What more can one ask for?
This bar is ideal for entertainment. The lighting is warm and the space can accommodate numerous guests.
Dining Area
The dining area is simple and elegant. It’s also perfect for intimate dinners with close family and friends.
Winters in Lebanon can be very cold. Using a fireplace adds to the warm, rustic design of the house.
While it may look grand, the patio is quite intimate. It is a quiet, secluded spot for guests to enjoy nature.


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