ELARABY’s Mother’s Day Celebration

Mothers tend to do everything to raise their children to be happy and fulfilled. Occasionally, they even go above and beyond to sacrifice their time, power and even personal needs to satisfy their children. Thus, with everything that our mothers do, we have to honour them for their unconditional care and love by celebrating their existence.

And although Mother’s Day campaigns and ads are often full of clichés, ELARABY Group created a sentimental and creative campaign for Mother’s Day. This year’s campaign made us feel truly emotional and empowered, and made us want to hug our mums as the brand delivered the message in the best way. Actually, for many years, the brand has succeeded in creating an emotional bond with its customers during all social seasons.

Most of the time, we take our mothers for granted. They cook, they clean, they work, and, most importantly, they are there for us no matter what. Hence, to thank mothers all across the country, the Egyptian home appliances leader ELARABY Group highlighted Mother’s Day through an all-encompassing campaign under the title “The Strongest Love.”

Although celebrating Mother’s Day is not new to the Egyptian community, ELARABY group decided to do its part through the campaign by relying on visual images that show muments of love between mothers and their families. The campaign asserted that a mother is any person’s first love and it’s no wonder because she is the one who is there for them from the very start. Also, it aims to appreciate and cherish mothers’ existence at all stages of our lives.

ELARABY collaborated with Massar Egbari, one of the most well-known Egyptian underground bands, and released a jingle-based advert that its song is about mother’s love. In fact, the song was incredibly touching and can make you shed tears while watching it.

Mother’s Day campaign started with an advert and then press, billboards, and social media posts, and received positive feedback. The campaign has a total 27 million views on TikTok, as hundreds of users used the song as a background track for their videos with their mothers. Likewise, the participation of the celebrities like Muhammad Abu Gabal, Hala Rushdy, Mohamed Magdy Qafsha, Mustafa Abu Rawash, and Rahma Khaled made it go viral.

Additionally, the advertisement exceeded 20 million views and thousands of interactions on Facebook.

To complement the campaign, ELARABY Group celebrated Egyptian mothers in Qena, Beni Suef, Fayoum, and Qalyubia, in cooperation with the leaders of the governorates there.

Similarly, the brand participated in the celebration of “A Woman’s World in a Day” in cooperation With El Sawy Culturewheel within the framework of its social responsibility. As usual, the brand celebrated the female workers in all the company’s headquarters and gave them special gifts!