The interior design industry in Egypt has been booming in the past few years. Here are some of Egypt’s leading interior designers making an impact on the places we live, work, and play.

Alchemy Design Studio

Karim Mekhtigian, the guru of interior design in Egypt, is the founder of Alchemy Design Studio, one of the top cutting edge design studios. Architect/designer Mohamed Fares joined Alchemy as co-founder later after Mekhtigian started the studio. Over the years this duo have earned a reputation as a high-powered center of creativity. Their studio works on a wide range of architectural and interior designs for commercial as well as residential projects. Mekhtigian has also ventured into product design inspired by Egypt’s heritage.

Hany Saad Innovation

Hany Saad is the founder of Hany Saad Innovation, a pioneering architecture and design company with a wide-ranging portfolio that includes private residential villas as well as large multi-use commercial projects. A graduate of the Faculty at Misr International University, Saad’s name has become synonymous with contemporary, visionary designs and marked by luxury and grandeur. His innovative designs are distinguished by their dynamic forms and use of diverse materials.

Mona Hussein Design House

Mona Hussein is the founder and creative force behind Mona Hussein Design House, an award-wining design firm specialising in interior, landscape, architecture, and product design. The studio is recognised for its comprehensive and individualistic design solutions for residences, commercial spaces, hospitality, and office spaces for various professions. Hussein is also the founder of Mahally, a boutique store specialising in unique locally made furniture and accessories.

MB Designs

Mohamed Badr has been making strides in the interior design field for years now. After pursuing a degree in applied arts with a specialisation in interior and product design and working in a variety of jobs, he opened his own studio, MB Designs, in 2000 he quickly became a pioneer in innovative commercial spaces, like those of Mori Sushi, Tamara, Mince and others, and is a master in creating residential havens and hotels.

Hossam Nabil Interiors

Architect and interior designer Hossam Nabil is the founder of a fully integrated architectural firm specialising in interior design for both residential and commercial projects. Nabil graduated from the Faculty of Engineering the Architectural department in Cairo University. With over twenty years of experience, he has established himself as the go to destination for both residential and commercial clients seeking to create luxurious, opulent spaces that symbolise elegance and sophistication.

Ahmed Hussein Designs

Architect Ahmed Hussein established Ahmed Hussein Designs in 2008 after working on his own as an architect for nearly a decade. His design studio rapidly gained a strong reputation for its innovative high end residential and commercial projects in Egypt and for international private clients. Hussein creates fluid and elegant spaces born from a careful understanding of his clients’ aspirations. Each of his interiors tells a story that reflects the essence and individuality of his clients and of the location of the projects.

Eklego Design

A graduate of McGill University with a degree in architecture, Dina El Khachab is co-founder and principal designer of Eklego. An award-winning architectural, interior and furniture design firm established in 2000. Eklego works on a variety of high end commercial and residential projects, and their involvement ranges from advisory to the complete delivery of full architectural design projects. The studio is known to work closely with clients to create innovatve designs.

Design Point Egypt

Karim El Hayawan and Nehal Leheta are the principals behind Design Point Egypt, specialising in high end residential, landscape and commercial projects, as well as set, event, and product design. El Hayawan earned his degree in architecture from the Faculty of Engineering, while Leheta studied Art and Islamic architecture at the American University in Cairo. The studio’s design style reflects the diversity of the founders’ interests, namely Lehata’s passion for art and El Hayawan’s architectural expertise.

Shewekar Design Studio

Shewekar El Gharabally is the founder of Shewekar Design Studio, a multi-award-winning interior design firm that specialises in unique furniture design and residential interiors. After studying Business Administration at the American University in Cairo, she pursued her passion for design at Miami International University of Art and Design where she earned a degree in interior design. Shewekar’s furniture collections are comprised of unique and contemporary pieces that don’t go out of style.

Style Design Architects

Founded by Hisham Ghorab and Ehab El Khodary, Style Design creates modern, innovative and uncompromisingly comfortable home, offices, and commercial establishments. They have most recently received much acclaim for their design of Khufu Restaurant by the Pyramids of Giza, which blends seamlessly with its unique location and style.

Reha LLC

Reha Habib is the founder of Reha LLC, a multidisciplinary boutique design studio for architectural and interior design. Born and raised in the United States, Habib earned a bachelor’s and a master’s degrees in architecture from the University of Minnesota’s College of Design. In 2016, she founded her design studio, Reha LLC, and went on to undertake a range of projects, that spanned 5-star hotels, including the unique Mazeej boutique hotel on Egypt’s North Coast, restaurants, offices and retail establishments, as well as private villas and apartments.

Yasmina Makram Design Studio

Yasmina Makram, the founder of Yasmina Makram Design Studio, earned her architecture and design degrees from George Washington University in Washington D.C. and Istituto Marangoni in Milan, respectively. Her studio develops unique designs, unconventional solutions, and intelligent planning for residential and commercial clients. Makram has strong design signature in the interior design field, and her vision is driven by details, authenticity, and harmony.