Egyptian U19 Handball Team Wins World Championship

Yet another victory is in the bag for Egypt’s young athletes. Only two weeks after we were struck by a wave of pride by the U16 Egyptian girls’ handball team qualifying for the U16 World Championship in 2020, the men’s U19 handball team took home the ultimate prize.

On Sunday, August 18th, the Egyptian Men’s U19 handball team made history by winning the World Championship final against Germany in Macedonia, making it the first World Championship win for Egypt in handball since the 1993 U21 team victory in Cairo.

After winning comfortably in the semi-final against Portugal just two days prior, the U19 team was well prepared for the big final. And that preparation definitely paid off. The team scored early points against the German team, going into halftime with a solid lead of 19-13. Although Germany came back hard in the second half, Egypt was able to maintain their lead resulting in a final score of 32-28.

As this year’s tournament marked the first time that the U19 Egyptian team had even qualified for the World Championship, coming first was a huge achievement for the debuting underdogs. This tournament also made history as Egypt became the first non-European team to ever win all first stage matches since 2009.

On top of the team’s victory, individual Egyptian players were also honoured for their standout performances. After producing some of the best plays of the tournament, Ahmed Hesham won the World Championship’s best player, and with an impressive total of 51 goals in the championship, Hassan Walid Ahmed won the top scorer of the tournament.