Egyptian Period Pieces with Standout Style

A constant source of inspiration, fashion is both timeless and ever-changing. In film and television, fashion period pieces play an important role as they are essential to realistically transform characters back in time. Successful period dramas, with their often flamboyant fashion style, also often influence the fashion of the day, especially among their huge fans. Here are 10 Egyptian TV series spanning different periods that have inspired fans!

Afrah El Obah

While painting a vivid picture of the theatre world, the theatrical show, Afrah el Obah (Wedding Song), pays special attention to the wardrobe of its characters, differentiating between the play being put on and the characters’ real lives. The fashion on display is full of shoulder details, bold colours and headbands, subtly influencing and inspiring viewers to add some theatrical elements to their style every once in a while.

Hawadit El Champs Elysees

After a flashback to a past murder, the events of Hawadit el Champs-Elysees (The Champs-Elysees Tales) delve into a series of relationships to decipher which of the victim’s ex-lovers is the murderer. While the plot leaves much to be desired, the vibrant gowns and rich accessories donned by the characters make their mark and are the saving grace of this otherwise less than impressive period drama. At least, viewers got to pick up one or two fashion tips from it.

Saraya Abdeen

Saraya Abdeen (Abdeen’s Palace) is the adult version of Cinderella where women left and right fight for Khedive’s attention. The beauty of the competing women essentially acts as Cinderella’s shoe in this scenario and obviously, fashion plays a major role here! Through their extravagant flamboyant gowns, the female characters, especially Ferial and princess Safinaz, dress to impress. Their style still inspires many fans, especially when it comes to dressing for special occasions.

Qasr el nile

If Camelia is all about anything, it’s owning every colour in her wardrobe. The Qasr El Nile protagonist’s mission to gain power is reflected in her wardrobe, where even the colours for her outfits mirror her inner personality. The way she pairs her items of clothing provides tips and hints on how to put an outfit together to create a flawless look.


As Tariqi’s (My Way’s) Dalila skyrockets to fame, she takes a page or a whole notebook, from Audrey Hepburn’s fashion guide. Dressed in feminine patterns and figure-hugging gowns, topped with pearl necklaces or cat-eye sunglasses – Dalila is a breath of fresh air! The light shades of the colour-blocked fabrics she wore, not to mention the whole Audrey Hepburn look, never goes out of style and reminds us that it’s fun to be whimsical while being feminine.

Aho Da Elly Sar

This fairytale-like TV show, Aho Da Elly Sar (Once Upon A Time), follows two timelines and largely relies on fashion to distinguish between each of them. From Ruby’s modern patterns and trusted denim pants to her past self’s simple yet feminine gowns, the wardrobe of these two timelines shows that pearls never go out of style, nor does the layering of a jacket with a simple white t-shirt. Those little details continue to inspire us and help us spice up our outfits when we’re feeling bored.

Layleena 80

This gloomy but nostalgic show, Layleena 80 (80’s Nights), follows a family as they navigate their lives following their daughter’s accident. Due to its melancholic storyline, the fashion on display tends to be subdued, using dark colours and shades throughout. The entire cast’s wardrobe tends to be focused on casual everyday looks that are comfortable and effortlessly stylish – looks that are more common than ever today!

El Fetewa

Yasser Galal’s past Ramadan hit show, El Fetewa (The Ruffian), traces the notion of manhood in a period when ruffians were in full sway. Gold statement jewellery, which is on display throughout the show, made a comeback in the fashion scene and as a result: jewellery became the perfect add-on to simple and modest looks with warmer tones.

Layaly Eugenie

If Layaly Eugenie (Eugenie’s Nights) taught us anything about fashion, it is that a little effort goes a long way. The show tracks two families as they navigate their conflicts, while always looking flawless in their elaborate hats, brooches and jewellery. The stylistic choices of the characters prove that little details can really take a simple look and make it so much better.

Grand Hotel

This show, set in the 50s motivated fans to dress classier, to achieve the elegance displayed by Nazli and Esmat. Fans were fascinated by Nazli’s sleek yet layered style with pops of colour, while we were all in awe of Esmat’s voluminous organza shoulder pads and how effortlessly she sports a cheetah scarf and various dangling pearl earrings. This mother-daughter pair reminds us of the magic of impeccable style, which includes the best, yet simple, jewellery.