Dr. Rasha Hamed

Top Cosmetic Dermatologist

Leading cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Rasha Hamed has built a solid reputation in her field. Her clinic, has grown quickly to become the go-to-center for all beauty needs in Cairo. Specialising in dermatology, laser and cosmetology, Dr. Hamed’s extensive knowledge and expertise have made her a trusted advisor to many women in their quest for health and beauty. In addition, Dr. Hamed’s clinic houses the latest equipment and offers the most up-to-date procedures.

Having specialised in dermatology, and earning a Master’s degree in the field, with a focus on immune modulators, Dr. Hamed has always had her eye on opening her own clinic. However to further buttress her credentials, she also sat for the cosmetology board exam and earned certification in laser procedures from the Laser Institute of America.

Dr. Hamed initially picked dermatology because it would best suit her situation as a young mother. “I initially chose this medical field because it didn’t really involve medical emergencies, and that was especially important to me as a mother. But the more I practiced, the fonder I grew of the field, especially when I started focusing on cosmetology. I love my job with passion,” she explains.

Prior to having her own clinic, Dr. Hamed was working at her “family’s business, for a while, however at the same time I was also being trained and mentored by the leading dermatology doctors in Egypt. This widened my knowledge and expertiese immensely.” In 2016, Dr. Hamed started her own clinic where she works full time.

Since then her clinic has been rapidly growing. Aside from offering a plethora of non-surgical beauty procedures, Dr. Hamed and her team of experts are happy to help with various other dermatological needs as well. Her thorough consultations with patients set Dr. Hamed apart from many others in the field. “When I meet patients, I ask them to list their concerns. From there, we carefully discuss appropriate treatment options, with or without needles, because many tend to have a fear of needles,” she says. Since every skin is different, every treatment plan is different as well. “We provide the appropriate services depending on the patient’s condition,” she adds.

It is important to note that Dr. Hamed doesn’t offer any surgical procedures as treatment options, which means that all procedures offered do not involve any downtime or severe pain. Ranging from mild rejuvenation with mesotherapy and laser, to Botox and fillers for wrinkles and

loss of volume, the list of treatments and procedures at Dr. Hamed’s clinic is truly comprehensive. “Cosmetology procedures are not only for vanity purposes,” Dr. Hamed explains, adding, “For example, we treat people who suffer from hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) by administering Botox injections in the problem areas, such as the under arms, hands, feet and scalp.” Also, Botox and fillers aren’t only administered to the face. Fillers can be used on the hands to rejuvenate the appearance of aged hands as well. “Fillers are no longer just for plumping lips and cheeks; they’re used as a form of art, sculpting the face,” says Dr. Hamed. Body contouring services are also available to sculpt the body’s shape, as well as radio frequency sessions that eliminate cellulite.

Her clinic also offers a variety of treatments for all hair concerns. From the laser hair cap and mesotherapy targeting hair loss to laser hair removal, Dr. Hamed’s clinic can tackle any and all of your hair needs. Dr. Hamed makes a point to note the positive relationship between laser hair removal and dermatology. “Even though laser hair removal is a cosmetology treatment, it can also help with medical cases like skin acne, rough skin, and pigmentation. Lasers make the skin clearer and smoother,” she states.

Dr. Hamed credits the equipment and technology at her clinic for her ability to treat all her patients’ concerns. “Technology has really helped this field evolve. Now you can get a face-lift without an operation, but through a machine instead. People can now enhance their skin without having to worry about operations and their downtimes. They can go about their lives as soon as they leave the clinic,” she explains, adding that besides having the most up to date technology, being always honest with her patients is key to remaining at the top of her game. “We have a variety of top-notch machines and we’re very honest, which makes a huge difference. Our team is very professional, and we go above and beyond with our work,” she adds.
At her clinic, extensive after-care follow up begins immediately after a patient undergoes treatment. “We follow up closely with our patients to make sure their treatment went smoothly,” says Dr. Hamed, adding, “And to ensure satisfaction, we document progress through photos so we can easily pinpoint the difference the treatment made and to prove that there is a huge improvement.”

Dr. Hamed’s advice for a sustainable skin care routine is to start taking care of your skin early on. “If a problem arises treat it immediately,” she advises, adding, “That way, it’s easier to treat; it will take less time and will be more affordable. You need to protect your skin from early on.”

Being a mother of three with a successful career, Dr. Hamed admits it may seem difficult to balance it all. “I make sure to start my days early and finish early, so I can be there for the children as much as possible,” explains Dr. Hamed. She also credits her husband for pushing her this far. “My husband is very supportive. Even though I’m working in a field that doesn’t really have medical emergencies like other medical fields, I spend a lot of time in the clinic daily, but he’s very understanding,” she says.

Nevertheless, Dr. Hamed admits that she has faced challenges to reach where she is today. “Proving yourself to people takes time. To make people trust you as a professional, you need to build your name and always improve your skills. Competition is very strong, but this is the case in any field,” she explains.

Looking forward, Dr. Hamed is working on opening a branch in Nasr City shortly. Even though Dr. Hamed’s clinic offers a comprehensive list of service she has exclusively arevealed plans to expand her clinic in New Cairo. “We started off as a dermatology clinic, but now we will offer plastic as well as cosmetic surgeries, a nutritionist, dental surgeries, and dental care there as well. We will cover everything!” she exclaims with pride.