Dr. Nour El Din

Dentist to the Stars

In a tower tucked away in the bustling borough of Nasr City, lies the office of high profile dentist, Dr. Nour El Din. Over the past 15 years, Dr. Nour’s multi-story clinic with top-notch facilities has been offering all the dental services anyone would need. Today the clinic includes no less than 75 doctors, making it one of Cairo’s largest dentistry clinics, which is frequented by celebrities like Assala Nasri and Hany El Behairy.

Dr. Nour El Din

Interestingly, this highly successful dentist did not start out wanting to be a dentist. “I originally wanted to follow in my father’s footsteps and become a flight engineer, but it just didn’t feel right. I tried several majors before I finally decided on dentistry,” he explains.  According to him, what truly inspired him to join this field was the fact that by merely adjusting someone’s smile he could completely and irrevocably transform his or her life. Which is why, once he graduated from Kasr El Aini’s esteemed dentistry school in 1994, he promptly enrolled in a cosmetic dentistry course at New York University.

Since starting his practice, Dr. Nour has continued to be extremely passionate about his chosen specialty.  “The most important thing for me is to give my patients a natural smile that doesn’t look artificial, because people with good smiles are people who are confident,” he exclaims, adding, “When you are insecure about your teeth, you talk with your hand over your mouth; and you can never truly smile in fear of showing your teeth. This can have a traumatic impact on your personality.”

Dr. Nour has remained at the forefront of his field since establishing his clinic in 2004 by continuously investing in the most up-to-date equipment. “We spare no expense when it comes to our tools and machines, as that is very crucial to providing the best customer experience. Most of our equipment is digital, thereby minimising the risk of any procedure,” he notes. Besides making sure the clinic always has the latest cutting-edge technology, Dr. Nour takes pride in his highly qualified staff of dentists who are all hand-picked from the best universities in Egypt, each specialising in a certain field of dentistry. “From nerve specialists to anesthesiologists, all the way to orthodontists and gum experts, we have specialists in every field of dentistry, because it takes a whole team to accomplish a procedure; no one can do it alone,” he explains, adding, “Our very high degree of precision guarantees 100% customer satisfaction time and time again.”

Apart from the technical prowess of Dr. Nour and his team, the clinic itself provides a welcoming and soothing environment for its patients. A courteous team of assistants is on hand to welcome patients, while a stream of calming music reverberates throughout the premises. Attention has been paid to providing every comfort, including state of the art reclining chaises, all meant to relax patients and rid them of any phobia they may have about dental clinics.

With already more than half a million followers on Instagram, one can only expect the practice of this leader in the field of dentistry to continue to grow both in Egypt and across the region.