Going to the dentist can be a stressful experience, as many of us know. Dr. Karim El Sobky is determined to change that. His goal is to make sure every patient’s experience at his dental clinic is stress-free and pleasant. He pays close attention to the needs and concerns of every patient, and his individualized treatments have gained him high rates of patient satisfaction. From the moment you step into Dr. Karim El Sobky’s clinic, you are struck by the calming, welcoming atmosphere, making you feel right at home and perfectly at ease.

Why did you choose dentistry?
When I was young, I went with a friend of mine to the dentist, and I would later continue to go there for 11 years. I was inspired by the man. I liked the atmosphere of the clinic, the way he treated patients and the whole idea of relieving pain, which is one of the most interesting things about this job – when you have someone coming in with pain or agony, and then you make it disappear; that’s the magic of medicine.

What is your specialty?
I’m a general dentist, but my clinic is a polyclinic; we have many specialties like orthodontists, surgeons and periodontists. I believe in specialties, so I have only the best doctors working at my clinic. As for myself, I do general and cosmetic work. The rest of the work, like crowning and such, goes to the orthodontists.

What makes your clinic stand out from the rest?
The way we treat patients is very special. We are very punctual; waiting time is around five minutes at most. We also make sure they do not feel aggravated. Even the needle has a special technique, so that they do not feel pain when given an injection. It is extremely important to make patients feel comfortable by gaining their trust. Once they do, you become friends with them and manage to calm them down and ease off any anxiety. So, we make sure it is a pleasant experience.

How important is it to have a great smile?
People, nowadays, are very keen on having straight, white teeth. It is not just about being healthy anymore. People are not only educated about health, but also the cosmetic aspect. A lot of people now want to get the “Hollywood Smile.” Everybody wants to have the perfect look, perhaps due to the technological advancement in this area. It has become a simple, computerized procedure that could transform the way you look. If you have crowding in your teeth, for example, and you did not get orthodontic treatment at a young age, but you do not want to put on braces, there are several options that are almost invisible. Nobody will ever notice that you are wearing them. Also, there are new cosmetic techniques that are much easier and more efficient than ever before. Having healthy teeth is good, but having a nice smile makes you look and feel better about yourself.

Can the condition of one’s teeth have a psychological impact on oneself?
Definitely! It affects your personality, mood and self-confidence. With healthy, good-looking teeth, you can easily smile and feel better about yourself. On the other hand, imagine yourself with dark, crooked teeth; you wouldn’t want to smile or even socialize.

What is the most common aspect of dental care that is overlooked by patients?
The condition of teeth is very important for the general health of patients. A lot of people are unaware that periodontal and gum problems can cause heart diseases from bacteria. Also, healthy chewing is essential for your digestive system. If you lose your teeth early on, you start to have digestive problems; you might develop a stomach ulcer and suffer from indigestion. It is not always about just how your teeth look on the outside. This is why we make sure the patients maintain good hygiene and come in regularly for checkups, because the sooner we catch the problem, the easier it is to provide a solution.

What treatment do you offer brides and grooms so they can get the perfect smile on their wedding day?
Most people preparing for their wedding come to get a cleanup and bleach their teeth. Also, for those who have any dental problems, I recommend they get it dealt with before their honeymoon because toothache is very common when you get on the plane and the pressure of the flight starts to trigger the pain of a root canal, for example.

Others, who want bright, nice teeth, ask for veneers and laminates, which are techniques that cover the outside of the tooth and are used only for deep discoloration that cannot be corrected with bleaching, and for minor crowding, as well. At first, it was sort of an aggressive approach, but now, it is only used for minimal reduction of teeth, or sometimes not at all. It is still not recommended for everybody. Some people have good-looking, straight teeth, and the only thing they need is bleaching, but they come in asking for veneers; I do not recommend such a thing for them. If you don’t need it, do not get it. That’s what makes us special as a clinic; gaining people’s trust by giving them personalized recommendations that will ensure the health and beauty of their teeth. We do not recommend unnecessary or outdated procedures. We tell the patients what is best for them.

What is the best advice that you can give a patient to maintain healthy teeth?
I would say brushing regularly and flossing, which is very important. You don’t have to floss all your teeth… only the ones you want to keep! Also, never underestimate the power of regular checkups. They can spare you a world of hurt.