Louran DentaL Care


In 2009, only a year after his graduation from the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Alexandria, Dr. Amr Saad opened his first dental clinic in the elegant district of Louran in Alexandria. The clinic was to eventually become the first of several branches of Louran Dental Care Centres in three different governorates: Alexandria, Cairo and Beheira. eniGma’s Ezz Al-Turkey sat down with Dr. Saad to learn more about Louran Dental Centres and to discuss his vision for their future.

Tell us about your educational background…
I am a dentistry graduate, class of 2008, from Alexandria University, specialised in implantology, and I’m a member of the Alexandria Dental Implant Society. I’m also a fellow for the dental implant in the American Association in the International Congress for Implantology and I received a diploma from the University of Naples in Italy.


What attracted you to dentistry?
I am the first in my family to become a dentist. I am passionate about all the details in this job. Being able to relieve the pain or discomfort of patients, or designing a pretty smile for patients to wear, really fulfills my passion.

What are some of the challenges you faced when opening Louran?
Having more than 40 dentists working in six centres at the same time, the main challenge is maintaining the high quality our clients expect. We want to give all our clients the same quality of service with all the different doctors in the centre. We are determined to provide the best quality to our clients, ranging from the technical services we provide to the administrative functions involved, including our office secretarial functions, our call centers and reservation system, the decoration of our clinics, as well as our follow up with clients after they receive our services. Everything in our dental centres is part of a system, with live view cameras, software monitoring and X-Ray sharing systems, guaranteeing the best quality for all the patients.

What’s your vision for the future of Louran?
Our main target and vision for Louran Dental Care Centres is to always get our work done with the best quality. We started with only one clinic in the centre, and I worked in it. However, when work was stable quality-wise, we thought of launching more branches to reach more patients in different geographical areas, while applying our same vision throughout. We now have six branches, each of which have from three to four clinics with specialised dentists. My vision, in general, is to contribute to Egypt becoming one of the top countries in dentistry and always being up-to-date with the state of the art technologies in the field.

How does Louran manage to maintain its quality across all of its centres?
To maintain quality, we have to always be up-to-date with the latest technologies. During our monthly scientific meeting, we discuss all the new updates in dentistry, including veneers, implants or digital dentistry, and share our knowledge with all the team in continuous medical education programs. The digital dentistry specialisation was actually not an option six years ago. Digital dentistry is a new technique that helps the dentist by taking measurements online through computers. Another weekly meeting is held in each branch to discuss complicated cases and their treatment plans. We maintain good quality by adopting a multi-disciplinary treatment for teeth.

Can you depend solely on technology for quality?
Of course, not. Technology facilitates all our work, which obviously becomes quicker and more accurate when using technology; but we can never just depend on it and disregard talent and education. Dentistry is an art, and to maintain the quality of the work, the dentist also has to be an artist. Technology cannot customise the treatment. Each person has different teeth that match his skin colour, gender and size; therefore much depends on the talent of the dentist, as well.

How do you maintain hygiene in the clinics?
We’ve always taken the necessary hygienic and sanitary precautions even before COVID, from masks, to gloves and sanitisation. With COVID we took that even further because it put everyone in fear. However, now, we are getting used to all the protocols needed to prevent the virus, and work is starting to take a normal direction. I think these protocols will be followed even after the pandemic, honestly.

What are your plans for Louran’s future?
We have been working on plans for expansion, not only in Cairo, where a branch in Sheikh Zayed is planned, but also in other governorates and cities. However, as a long-term plan, we hope to expand regionally and internationally, as well. At the same time, we plan to work on ourselves and on our entire teams, through increased learning, as well as by developing and upgrading our techniques. We want to be able to always serve our patients and keep a smile on their faces.