Getting or giving the right gift isn’t easy. We’ve all received strange, useless gifts before. Chances are, we’ve given ones, too. So, what’s the best way of finding the ideal gift for your loved ones, or if you’re receiving a gift yourself, finding a positive spin for a seemingly worthless present? The answer is to always ask yourself, “how will this gift be used?” With Christmas a week away, and (who are we kidding) last-minute shopping in full swing, we’ve decided to compile a few tips that could help you find a new, useful spin on giving or receiving gifts.


Forget about wants; is the gift needed?

We always think that we know what we want, but we don’t always know what we need. So, before judging a present that you give or receive, it’s always best to think of whether this gift is going to be of use in the future. A friend who’s just had a baby, for instance, won’t necessarily think that they want any kid-related gifts, but will forever be grateful to you if you helped them restock their supply of necessities. Don’t hesitate to use simplicity to your advantage whenever you see fit.

Hey, now.


Always be thoughtful:

The thought always counts for something. Yes, it’s not everything, but it’s something that not every person you meet or any gift that you give will have. Appreciate the power of thought in the gifts that you receive and learn to incorporate it into all your gifts. People always notice.

Umm... yes?


Presentation matters, but not as much as you might think it does:

It’s not the cover that matters; it’s what’s underneath.  Presentation could elevate a good gift into a great one, but won’t do the same if the gift is anything less than stellar. Always try to give gifts with the best presentation, but never prioritise it. When receiving a gift, always be open to looking beyond a shoddy presentation, and appreciating gifts for what they actually are or could be.

No, just no.


Never try to be resourceful:

If you’re trying to talk yourself into a gift’s merits, you’re doing it wrong. Resourcefulness is useful in most walks of life, but not with gifts. Remember that weird handkerchief that you got last year? How did your vigorous attempts to match it with all of your suits work out for you? You’ll know when you’re trying too hard with gifts, and that’s a line that you shouldn’t cross when receiving or giving presents.

Great gift, eh!?