Donald Trump’s Most Ridiculous Tweets

It never gets old when the president of the United States, or better yet, Donald Trump, keeps hitting us with his ridiculous tweets. Let’s be honest; as horrible as most of them are, they’re also outrageously entertaining, especially because he’s just that good when it comes to sounding ridiculous.


If it’s getting any kind of buzz, it’s getting Trump’s toe dipped in it.


When you try to keep your enemies closer, but don’t get the concept.


The president of the United States, ladies and gentlemen.


Stooping so low at its finest.


Keep it up, Mr. President.


Don’t worry about us, just continue making America great.


When you know your I.Q. is one of the highest.


Once again, proving that there is such a thing as hitting a new low.


When you don’t take a second to think before you tweet.


Glad to know he’s concerned about the environment and birds.