Doaa El Damaty

The Gold Leaf

Established in Alexandria in 2017, The Gold Leaf, has already garnered a cult following in the Pearl of the Mediterranean and its reputation for superior interior design is steadily spreading to other parts of the country. Founded by interior designer Doaa El Damaty, The Gold Leaf’s unique mix of contemporary and post-modern aesthetics has singled it out among a rising number of prominent local design houses.

After graduating from the prestigious Paris American Academy with an interior design degree, Damaty went on to start a fabrics business in Alexandria eight years ago. Her showroom for home textiles and wallpaper marked her first step in the local design market. Today, Damaty is an established interior designer who is known for her ability to fuse a variety of styles in a single space. “I can do classic as well as modern designs really well. I also really focus on details. In the final stages of any project, I am always very close to the project site,” she explains.

Out of all the projects in her portfolio, Damaty likes to say that her favourite project is her own office space, because it is the truest representation of her design aesthetic. “That’s because I wasn’t held back by any restrictions or client demands. I am not denying that my client’s taste adds to my design, but I’m saying that in designing my office I had the chance to go all out. I enjoyed bringing out the natural beauty of things and mixing them with modern furniture and lighting,” she explains.

With a stellar track record for creating upscale, elegant living spaces, Damaty says that managing construction workers is the biggest challenge she faces in her work. “As the designer you are the one responsible to your clients. You are accountable for everything. Making sure construction workers commit to strict deadliness and stringent quality requirements can be difficult,” she exclaims. However, as challenging as this aspect is, Damaty feels that all the hard work is worth it when she sees the final result. “Receiving compliments like, ‘this is a wonderful piece of art,’ or ‘you have outdone yourself,’ is the most rewarding thing, and honestly that’s what keeps me going,” she adds.

‘Efresh Beitak’ Your Go-To App for Home Furnishing

While Damaty has her hands full running her showroom and design house, as well as two rambunctious boys, she has recently embarked on another exciting venture, an application called Efresh Beitek ‘Furnish Your House.’ “As an interior designer, I always found it difficult to pick the right furniture and accessories that could complement my design. That’s the reason I started working on Efresh Beitak. It is the first platform in Egypt that catalogues furniture from stores across the country, with updated pictures, dimensions and prices. You can buy furniture directly from the application or use it as a reference point when creating 3D renderings,” she explains.

Launching this year, the application is sure to revolutionise the market for furniture and accessories since consumers and professionals alike will be able to browse and purchase products from a variety of stores, easily and efficiently.