What motivated you to become a fashion designer?

I’ve been deeply influenced by the women in my family. My mother is the embodiment of perfection and elegance, and she taught me how to dress well. And although I never met my grandmother, I was gifted with several of her dresses and some of her jewellery. Interacting with pieces that were designed especially for her gave me insight about her as a person, and taught me that fashion has a voice and a personality. As for my great grandmother, who is 104 years old and has always lived with us, she loves fashion; she would make me walk across the room so she could watch the movement of the fabric, and examine if the style suited me or not. These women helped make me the person I am today. Whether through envisioning a design, pinning fabric, or watching one of my pieces as it is sent down the runway, their critiques and opinions are always on my mind. They influenced me as I created my own style, and now everything I encounter inspires me.


Did your jewellery-making background influence your designs in anyway?

I’m fascinated with everything that is geometric and connected to nature. That is why I attended the Gemology Institute of America, where I became fascinated by stones and their beauty. I’m drawn to mineral stones, because of their vibrant colours, texture, organic shapes, and geometric patterns. I can’t imagine not utilising them in my creations, so I try to recreate some of those characteristics in my fabrics.

How do you showcase your Middle Eastern side in your designs?

I’ve lived in Saudi Arabia, London, and Lebanon. For the last few years, I’ve divided my time between Paris and Lebanon, and I’ve travelled quite a bit as well. Living in such vastly different places has given me a diverse perspective on women and fashion, and allowed me to utilise these experiences and cultures in my designs. I was always inspired by the traditional Saudi kaftans and jewellery which are eleborately detailed and look like pieces of art. The elegant Saudi women made me realise the importance of fabric choice, details, and ornamentation. They also showed me that a woman didn’t have to reveal too much to be elegant and beautiful.


Your latest SS15 collection is full of flowing fabrics and angular lines; what is the inspiration behind it?

The SS15 collection is based on discovering myself and questioning who I am as a woman. It is really based on my life, how I started, the studies I undertook, and the steps I had to take in order to discover my style and my personality.

What kind of woman is your latest collection tailored for?

The Dina JSR woman is a woman of our time, who looks and lives like us. She’s an unstoppable woman who has the power to do whatever she wants. She’s a working woman who loves fashion, and loves being beautiful. She’s the one who uses fashion to give her energy and self-confidence.


In Dina’s world, what is the meaning of success?

In my world, success means working hard to reach your goal and not letting anything stop you. It’s about conquering your fears. I believe that success is a journey, because there’s always something new to accomplish.

What are your future plans?

I want Dina JSR to keep growing and to develop it into a brand that is extremely desirable. I want every woman to have the desire to own a Dina JSR outfit. I’ve also started a new jewellery line that we’re aiming to launch next season, and I’m looking forward to presenting it.