Dina Iskander, The Wedding Fairy Godmother

DSC_0360No day has the potential to be as magical as your wedding day… or as hellish. So preserve your mother’s nerves, your groom’s patience and your own sanity by ensuring Dina Iskander – wedding planner-come-personal fairy godmother –  is onboard!

Remember when Cinderella tried to do it herself? She put forth a valiant effort, as did all her little furry friends, but ultimately if her fairy godmother hadn’t stepped in to save the day, Cindy would have never become a princess. Think of your marriage as a ball to which you get to show up and look gorgeous. Of course you’ll have to make a few choices, but limit them to things you’ll enjoy, like picking a wedding dress, i.e. playing really expensive dress-up! Picking out the shape of the cocktail napkins, on the other hand, is time wasted that could have been spent making yourself gorgeous.

Ultimately your Prince Charming will be most content if you are less worried about the carriage turning back into a pumpkin and more focused on him. You are setting the stage for your life together; the sooner you start delegating responsibility to the trained professionals, the smoother your married life will be. Obviously Prince Charming didn’t plan the ball, his mother did. So ladies, one strategy is to disappear on vacation for the four months leading up to the wedding, leaving your mother to battle his for control of the flower arrangements. But in the interest of world peace, your best bet is to place yourself in the care of the very talented Dina Iskander.

Teamed with a troupe of highly trained professionals, Iskandar is renowned for planning the most stylish, sophisticated and stunning events on both a local and international level. Taking care of the million and one details that go into making a wedding truly special. Therefore your stress level can drop from “I am questioning my choice of life-partner, my career and my religion” to “how many days will my manicure last in the pool?”

DSC_4985At your first session, Iskander’s professionals will interview you to determine your personality in order to suggest a venue, caterer and décor to suit your taste. Iskander has been known to pick out locations that a bride may never have chosen for herself, but one that exceeds all expectations.  The quality of the materials she uses and the innovative methods for planning are what set her apart from any other planner. With a meticulous attention to detail and customisation – whatever your heart desires – and the finest quality are the pillars of any Dina Iskander event. You’ll feel like you’ve walked into the wedding you always dreamed of but never imagined possible.

The Dina Iskander team includes four professional designers with 15 years of experience, as well as six operation managers, four professional florists, three assistant florists and a total of 40 full-time employees dedicated to making your wedding look as if you’d planned every detail. Dream as big as you want – each year her team handles perfectly almost 200 of the highest calibre weddings.

Let Dina Iskander take care of the magic, and when the clock strikes midnight you’ll be happily in the arms of your prince, enjoying an evening of beauty and romance. Your mother will be able to relax, your groom won’t have to watch you melt under the pressure, and you’ll get to focus on the real priority… what happens after the celebrations are over!