Curly Hair Struggles Solved!

Curly hair is glorious, beautiful and wonderful in every sense of the word; taming it however can definitely be a struggle. Here are the ultimate hair secrets that will save you from curly-haired hell and bring you into the realms of heavenly ringlets and bouncy curls. 

1) Tame the Frizz 

We’ve all seen it and we’ve definitely all been through it: the poof. Yes; the poof that magically appears the second you walk out of the door, after having spent hours creating perfectly defined ringlets. 

The Fix: 

  • The key is to keep as much moisture as possible in the hair, so leave-in conditioner, oils and gels are a must. The absolute best is flaxseed gel as it fits with all hair types and never ceases to impress. 
  • Another idea to protect your hair from the doom of the heat is to braid it into box braids or French braids.
  • Our final anti-frizz trick is to dry your hair with a microfiber towel. Stay away from cotton towels, because the rough material creates will create friction and therefore, lots of frizz.

2) Keeping the Shape 

Keeping your curls defined overnight is one of the most challenging struggles that comes with curly hair. We’ve all experienced the pain of going through the nightly routine, achieving perfect curls and going to sleep happy, before waking up to a lion’s mane. While annoying, it is completely and easily avoidable. 

The Fix:  

  • Always brush your hair in the shower and never brush it dry, ever. Put your hair in a pineapple on the top of your head and wrap it in a silk or soft chiffon cap or scarf. The most important thing is to not use cotton, slicker materials like silk prevent friction as your hair can just slide across the fabric.

3) Getting the Definition

We’ve all seen the pictures of those girls with the perfect curls, looking effortless. You can always buy a “special” styling brush, but if you don’t have enough time for all those tools, here is a tip that will work just as well…

The Fix: 

  • Finger coiling! It works just as well as brushes and tools, but with zero cost. The idea is to form your own curls by just wrapping your hair around your fingers. For the best results, your hair must be dripping wet and with leave-in conditioner liberally applied.

4) The Hairbrush Dilemma 

We have all been through this, the sad, lonely moment where you stare in anguish at your poor brush that broke in half during your futile attempt of detangling your hair. It cannot be fixed, it’s gone now.

The Fix:

  • The main advice here is to not detangle with a brush in the first place, as that causes hair-ripping and eventually split ends. If the tangles aren’t too bad, you can try detangling with your fingers. But in case your hair gets tangled easily; you’ll be needing a tool. Use a wood comb as they create significantly less hair tearing, or use the famous Denman brush, designed specifically with curly hair in mind.

5) The Routine 

Standing under the shower for two hours each time you need to brush your hair gets a bit tedious after a while. Weak arms and backs do not belong in this dilemma, only the strong survive.

The Fix:

  • Wash your hair once or maximum twice a week. When you want to style your hair in between the wash days, have a spray bottle filled with water mixed with leave-in conditioner. That way you can spray and style without the full shower struggle.