Confessions of a Modern Mother

Mothers everywhere have their little secrets which they like to keep to themselves.  eniGma’s Shereen Kamal asked a few of Egypt’s hard-working young mothers to share special confessions from their personal experience with our readers.

Noha El Sherbiny

Fashion Blogger

Apart from being a social media figure, I’ve always been obsessed with my weight. I got married when I was just 17 and I had my first child when I was 20. I didn’t want to lose control over my body just because I had a baby; I wanted to keep up with my friends who were the same age as me.  So I exercised a lot after each of my two children were born Thankfully I was able to get back to my ideal weight. I believe that being a mother is not an excuse to forget about being fit.  Looking presentable is not just important for single people or for work. You need to look good for yourself as well as for your husband.


Heba Serag Eldin

Owner & Founder of Fashion Funds, and Co-Owner of City International Schools

I love having my son sleep next to me. I think that’s the case with all mothers. The only problem is that I can never sleep when he’s with me in the same bed! I have to get up every minute to check that he’s fine, and that everything is okay with him! So I never really get any sleep. That’s why I never schedule any meetings Monday morning, because we have this tradition that he sleeps next to me every Sunday night. So I basically go to work the next morning completely sleep-deprived!


Zazy Hafez

Event Manager at Capital Business Park

I always put my kids before my career. When the clock strikes 2, I leave everything and I go pick up my kids from school and we have lunch together. I believe that motherhood and work complement each other. All the beautiful traits of motherhood really show in your work, and it makes it even better. That’s why I was so devastated when I missed an awards ceremony at my little girl’s school. She had forgotten to tell me about it, and I hadn’t checked my mail, so I missed it. It all ended up with her comforting me, and telling me it’s okay that I missed it, because she knows how hard I try to be there for her.


Dina Fahmy

Founder of Zamalek Market

Sometimes, when I’ve had a long day at work and the boys have had tennis practices all day, I just want to go home, give them a bath, feed them and go to sleep and I intentionally overlook their homework. I don’t even remind them. Because they’re still young (the older one is 8 and the young one is 6); I know that it’s not such a big deal now. Their teachers don’t complain when they miss homework, and they’re actually doing really well at school. But I know that when they do get older, I will have to pay more attention to their school work.


Deena Fadel

Artist, Designer & Founder of Joud Home Accessories

As an artist, sometimes I bring my work home with me. One time, I was working on a painting and my daughter took a charcoal pencil and drew over it. At first I got mad, and yelled at her a little. But after I calmed down, I looked at the painting and realized it actually looked better that way. The piece was later sold with my daughter’s doodles on it. Now, I let her do whatever she wants with my paintings, and if I don’t like it, I simply paint over it.


Nihal Zaki

CEO and Founder of Nihal Zaki Interiors

I am the most overprotective mother you’ll ever come across. I have nanny cameras to watch my baby girl 24/7, everywhere she goes. If I’m at work, or even out with friends, I always check my phone which is connected to the camera to make sure she’s okay. The first time she cried, and the first time she got a fever, I was devastated. I kept thinking; how could this be? I was so sure that my over-protectiveness would shield her from any harm. I am now trying to loosen up, because I know at some point I will have to let go a bit.


Malak Madkour

Co-Founder & Event Organizer at United Group

I remember an incident, right after the birth of my second daughter, when I was still in the phase of being tired all the time. My older daughter’s nursery had organized a trip to the circus, and I completely forgot about it. She arrived at the nursery at exactly the same moment when the nursery bus was leaving to go to the circus. She was completely devastated that she missed it. She was very sad and cried the whole day, I felt horrible about it.