Christmas & Chill

Festive Movies to Watch this Holiday Season

‘Tis the season to be filled to the brim with love and hope again. If you decide to stay in for Christmas, curled under the blanket with hot cocoa in hand, we made the perfect list of the most recent Christmas movies to give you the festive cheer you need!

The Christmas Chronicles 2

Writer-director Chris Columbus sparkles the Christmas spirit feels into audience through another tale of two children helping Santa Claus to save Christmas when a troublemaker villain called Belsnickel threatens to destroy the North Pole and end Christmas forever. Through an adventure full of twists with Kurt Russell being one of the most adorable on-screen Santas around, we assure you, everyone’s favourite season will be rescued.

The Grinch

The Grinch, a furry green character accompanied with his dog Max, decide to ruin celebrations at Whoville by stealing everyone’s decorations, gifts and foods; only to have his heart changed by Cindy Lou’s innocence holiday spirit. In a visually stunning story, about the invincible power of optimism and kindness which fills people’s heart during this season, we fall even more in love with Christmas.

Let It Snow

For fans of teen rom-coms, Let It Snow, is all about a number of high school students, each on his own adventure around town during a snowstorm on Christmas eve. The characters eventually cross paths at a Christmas party at Waffle Town. Let It Snow is perfectly delightful for a cosy lazy evening; not much of a heavy climatic story, just a tender soft film.

Christmas Inheritance

Another movie leaving us with a deep touching message; rich heiress Ellen Langford, before inheriting her father’s business, must first write a Christmas card letter to her dad’s former partner in the hometown she never visited. When a snowstorm leaves her stranded there, she is forced to work there and make a new life for herself.

The Princess Switch: Switched Again

Vanessa Hudgens returns playing three royal look-a likes and tries to save her relationship in a genuinely comedic way. Hudgens keeps pulling out these Netflix rom-coms that everyone finds super cheesy but still can’t resist falling in love with. And good news, there’s a third installment on the way.

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby

This film has everything: an ancient curse,a royal baby, a marriage proposal, and a treaty that goes missing. If not found and signed by midnight, Amber and Richard’s baby will be cursed. It’s Christmas time in Aldovia, however peace is threatened all over the kingdom and mess takes over.

The Knight Before Christmas

Magic is everywhere in The Knight Before Christmas, but the movie still has a concrete message to deliver. A blend of time-traveling medieval romance with Christmas vibes in an adventure full of fun and a twist of danger. Vanessa Hudgens perfectly mastered her role and we ended up believing in magic too.

Holiday Rush

A hilarious comedy movie all about family appreciation. When New York’s most popular DJ, Rush Williams, lost his job, his spoiled four kids had a crucial lesson to learn from leaving the luxurious world and embracing the simple life. The loving father reconnects with his children; for Christmas was never about fancy gifts, it’s really about being super grateful for every family member you celebrate this season with.

Holiday Calendar

Abby Sutton inherits a magical calendar from her grandmother, at times her life was falling behind, every new day at this calendar opened a new door at life. Each day of the holiday season is a new trial for a better future. A warm romance with a dash of holiday magic, about a young woman unfolding her story and the universe responding to her dreams.


An impressive animation, where a young man named Jesper has failed at life, and decides to venture to a frozen faraway place only to find Santa Claus hiding there. This masterpiece lush Christmas tale must be on your watchlist; it’s definitely an emotional must-watch!