Since Christmas is all about celebrating the festive season with your loved ones, it just wouldn’t be right not to dress up for this jolly occasion. And, of course, no one dresses the part better than our inspirational celebs. Check out some of our all-time favourite stars’ very Christmasy looks.


Anna Kendrick in a very merry Dolce & Gabbana dress.


“Pretty Little Liars” stars Shay Mitchell and Ashley Benson in cool Christmas beanies and matching  red and green sweaters.


Jessica Alba and her family keeping it jolly and simple.


Kate Hudson rocking the red lipstick and an adorable Christmas sweater.


The Franco brothers and their Franco doggies are all about the smiles and jingles.


Cyrine Abdelnour pulling off the red velvet dress like no other.


Singer Yara in a red coat and very festive shoes. We’re just as confused as she is.


Nicole Saba and Youssef Al Khal are Mr. & Mrs. Claus goals.


We all want to be Elissa, chilling with Santa in her winter robe and knitted boots. Christmas done right.


Joelle Mardinian and her family show us how to pose for the perfect Christmas card.