Celeb Pets

from the conventional to the unusual

The past two years have seen a rise in what have been dubbed ‘lockdown puppies,’ with people buying or even better, adopting new furry friends to entertain themselves during the pandemic. But it seems that celebrities have adored and spoiled their pets long before 2020, with some of their pets being more unusual than others…

Dua Lipa and Anwar Hadid marked the next step in their relationship by adopting rescue-puppy Dexter. Two months after their one-year anniversary, the famous pair announced the newest addition to their family on Instagram. They celebrated the first birthday of their adorable black puppy in May 2021 with nothing short of an extravagant party with his other pup friends. Lipa and Hadid could be seen enjoying the occasion as they sipped on cocktails and broadcasted the event on their social media platforms.

Lady Gaga’s French bulldogs Koji and Gustav hit the headlines in February 2021 after they were abducted whilst on a dog walk in Hollywood during which the dog walker was shot. Gaga offered a reward of $500,000 for their safe return – proving her unconditional love for her pooches. They were later returned safely but it is still unknown whether the reward was claimed.

Ariana Grande was very late to the micro-pig craze of 2010, and first shared pictures of her pet pig Piggy Smallz in 2018. Adopted with her ex-fiancé Pete Davidson, Piggy Smallz doubles as Grande’s emotional support animal. The pig was nominated for ‘Cutest Musician’s Pet’ at the iHeartRadio Music Awards in 2019 but narrowly missed out on first place, which was won by Lauren Jauregui’s dog Gracie, who sadly passed away in a ‘tragic accident’ just days before the awards ceremony.

One of the most unconventional celebrity pets (but certainly a life-long friend) is Leonardo DiCaprio’s sulcata tortoise which reportedly cost him $400. Bought in 2010, the tortoise (named Jack in memory of DiCaprio’s Titanic role) is expected to live for more than 70 years, meaning that Jack will live until Leo is more than 100 years old.

Paris Hilton has always been known for her penchant for purse-sized mini dogs, who live in a full-sized house of their own, complete with balconies and air-conditioning. However, alongside her dogs, ponies and cats, Hilton also wins the prize for most unusual pet: her kinkajou named Baby Luv. The exotic pet made the news when it reportedly bit the socialite in 2015, leading to Hilton’s hospitalisation. Yet, Hilton strongly defended the animal after the incident and insisted that it did not need to be put down.