Britney Spears Turned 35 and Time Just Froze

Queen of Pop Britney Spears just turned 35 and, honestly, we’re baffled. We actually thought the pop star was a bit older. Don’t get us wrong; she looks flawless, but it seems like it’s been forever since Britney released her first “oops.” While we all know that celebrities’ biggest secrets when it comes to their looks are their plastic surgeons, yet somehow, we still get shocked by their flawless, ageless looks. With that said, here are some of your favourite stars who don’t look their age.

Jared Leto at 44 still looks like my high school sweetheart



If Margrot Robbie looks like this at 26, then puberty still doesn’t agree with us.



How can Sam Smith only be 24?



Mother of 3, Gwen Stefani is actually 47, let that sink right in.



Yeah, sure friends was released almost 19 years ago, but time stopped for Jennifer Aniston, Rachel Green cannot be 47 now.



Sofia Vergara is our #44&flawless goals.



Jason Statham is 49 and already has our 10-year workout plan body



We refuse to believe that Tom Hardy is 39.



Charlize Theron is 41 years old, but since she doesn’t age, she’s whatever you believe.



If Michelle Pfeiffer is 58; then, we believe in time travel