Growing up, Dalia El Halawany was known as a master storyteller in the making, with an obvious passion for art. Today, she is one of Egypt’s most prominent interior designers. With 14 years of experience under her belt, she has successfully positioned her brand, BLIS (Better Life Innovation Studios), as a destination for effortless sophistication in design.

El Halawany and her team’s overarching business strategy can be summarised in embracing the clients’ needs, carefully understanding their personalities and aspirations, and designing a harmonious and comfortable space tailored to each of them. As firm believers in the goal of creating customised homes for their clients, maintaining a personal and tight relationship with each client is at the core of what BLIS offers. “Each project starts with a face to face meeting with the client. My goal is to deliver my work through the client’s story and needs. Each story is a roadmap for our design for each home. That’s why none of our projects look alike,” says El Halawany.

The goal of creating a unique home for each client means that the BLIS team maintains a unique vantage point and an open frame of mind at the beginning of, and throughout, each project. They are always willing to listen to fresh ideas that the client may bring. “Sometimes clients even come up with the most peculiar concepts and we always follow them till the very end. It is a challenge for me to remain out of my comfort zone for long, but I do that because I want to fully understand what the client is looking for,” says El Halawany, with a confident smile. She notes that a lot of clients are naturally talented and have a genuine taste for interiors. However, they often don’t have the needed knowledge to apply their vision, which is where the designer comes in. “The interior designer is the true director of the entire show. It is his job to take the simplest ideas and execute them professionally and brilliantly,” says El Halawany.

Looking forward, BLIS aims to expand their business further while maintaining their reputation as standard bearers of quality, ideal finish, personalisation and innovation. In particular, BLIS has plans to build on their success in providing clients with high quality customised furniture, by starting their own independent line of furniture. According to El Halawany, they are interested in offering creative and minimalist furniture, which cannot be found in the local market.

With summer fast approaching, the BLIS team is currently focused on completing a number of beach-side projects in Sahel. They are also busy working on some residential and commercial projects in Cairo, Alexandria, Gouna and Ain Al Sokhna. BLIS has five golden rules for those currently working on their summer homes. These are:

1) Prepare an efficient timeline in order to finish everything before the summer break. It is never wise to continue construction while you are in the house.

2) Keep it as simple as possible. Opt for a smart concept and do not clutter furniture. Too many details defeat their purpose and influence the house’s energy.

3) Integrate indoor greenery whenever you can. It adds a cheerful and fresh vibe to the house.

4) Invest in lighting. Indirect sources of light add warmth to your home.

5) Embrace a light colour pallete. Shades of white, pastel and earth hues can effortlessly reflect a cheerful vibe