The Biggest Interior Design Trends for 2018

The New Year is upon us, and with that comes the need to change our style and revamp our lives. So, in an effort to embrace the “new year, new me” mantra, we have contacted Medy Navani, the Creative Director of Design Haus Medy for some trends to spruce up your home with, for the fresh start you’ve been looking for.

Wallpaper is making a comeback – And not just any wallpaper, but the ones that are outlandish and fun, as they can be placed as a mural instead of just a cover for the four walls of your room.

Add drama with your sink – a sink is not just a basin of water anymore; it’s a chance to add personality and flair. To keep up with trends, don’t limit the colour of your sink to one colour to match your wall. Instead, try to keep them different, like stone, copper or granite. A great example would be the vessel sink, which breaks the traditional rules of choosing bathroom fixtures that are all in the same colour scheme and made from the same material.

Warm colours are in – In the New Year we will see more grays with rich, earthy shades of camel, rust, tobacco, brown-blacks, delicious red, and burnt yellow. The Nordic “hygge” style will continue to be popular with its emphasis on natural materials and earth shades.

Concrete – Raw materials, such as concrete, will dominate interior design from furniture to decorative accessories all the way to wall coverings, this cool neutral material will be immensely popular this year.

Colour is king – ‘The brighter the better’ is the design motto for 2018. Bold, saturated and strong colours, instead of pastels. will be unashamedly everywhere. Expect to see splashes of canary yellow, lime green, citrus orange, peacock blue and fuchsia pink as their playful nature is very attractive.