In the midst of things like picking and fitting the perfect gown, cake tasting and planning the ideal honeymoon, the bride might get too stressed to pamper herself on her final days of celibacy before the wedding. That’s where the perfect bridesmaids’ roles kick in to provide her with a big bang bachelorette party that celebrates her last days as a single girl and provides her with stress relieving fun before her wedding night! Here are a few themes to plan the party accordingly…

Tropical Getaway

Fresh and salty breezes might just be everything the bride needs before facing the altar to recite her I do’s. Book a place to stay, pack beach essentials, and surprise her with one last getaway at the closest beach available to the wedding’s location. Don’t forget to bring a simple veil and a white swimming suit to make that dip in the sea sacred and special!


Think of your iconic bachelorette soiree as a rehearsal for the real deal – except the groom is not allowed! Grab your high-end outfits, most glamorous fur and heels, and take the bride out for a wild night at a fancy hotel. Make sure the cake is there, refreshments are circulating non-stop, her closest friends are dancing around, and most importantly, she’s the center of attention!


Why not celebrate the final night by discovering her utmost performing talents? You can always keep it old school with a full-on karaoke sesh at your local and beloved Basement Pub! Make sure to bring along tiaras for your fellow bachelorette and a big crown for the blushing bride to give her the spotlight on stage. You can also tip some of the crowd off for extra cheers without letting her know!

House Party

Lure the unsuspecting bride away from her house and redecorate it with all sorts of confetti, accessories, and don’t forget to set up a Fondue Fun corner for cheesy melts! Then, gossip ensues as you spend the night with the bride and the gals eating pizza, watching movies, and reminiscing over old photo albums in customised pajamas that say roles like “Bride,” “Bridesmaid,” and “Maid of Honour.” Custom Polaroid images work best for these sort of occasions!