A Full-Service Company Creating Beautiful Homes from Start to finish

Founded by architect Ahmed Kabesh, Beyoot Group started with one company, Beyoot for Engineering and Contracting, in 2010. Despite the economic slowdown that began the following year due to the political upheaval at the time, Kabesh was determined to persevere and to succeed. Today, Beyoot Group consists of not one, but three companies, and has gained a stellar reputation as the go-to destination for design, contracting and execution of residential and commercial projects from start to finish. The Group’s Al Manjarrah for Wood Industries, and Beyoot Furniture, complement the work of the founding company Beyoot for Engineering and Contracting, and all are thriving in each of their respective fields.

Beyoot for Engineering & Contracting (BEC), has established itself as an important player in the world of engineering and contracting. The company is equipped to handle all clients’ needs, from actual construction to exterior and interior designs, landscaping, finishing, mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP). Everything is done in-house, eliminating the need to reach out to different suppliers throughout the building and design process, thus eliminating the hassle that clients’ go through as they search for service providers as they wonder, “where do I go next?”

While BEC sources materials from all across the world, they also have made it a priority to utilise high quality Egyptian materials in their work. It all comes down to the client’s needs and requests.

With every successful enigineering and contracting company comes a handful of successful projects and achievements. Beyoot is no different. In only a short decade their resume of success have been on a uphill rise.

Over the past 11 years, Beyoot Group has built a strong portfolio that includes an impressive array of successful residential and commercial projects. Their important commercial clients include businesses like the Concord Administrative Building, the headquarters for Egypt Gas, Maxim, HAP, Al Tayseer Health Care Group, Hyatt Regency Hotel in Giza, Fuego and Longhorn Texas BBQ.

The second company established by Beyoot Group was Al Manjarah for Wood Industries. While Al Manjarah is a company on its own, it plays a huge role in aiding both BEC and Beyoot Furniture in their goal of maintaining excellence throughout their projects. Focused solely on fine wood production, Al Manjarah plays an important part in maximizing the use of locally sourced materials by BEC. Al Manjarah provides the woodwork required by BEC’s projects throughout the contracting, interior design and exterior design stages, while Beyoot Furniture is also produced by Al Manjarah.

Thus, the three Beyoot Group companies are directly connected, like pieces of a puzzle that complement one another. To ensure the high quality and durability of Al Manjarah’s products, Kabesh has invested in the highest state-of-the-art technologies and machinery and has recruited the most talented and qualified manpower. Producing all kinds of wood products, including heavy-duty claddings, doors, stairs, as well as home and office furniture, Al Manjarah enables the three companies of Beyoot Group to take on any type of project and to deliver any special client request.

Al Manjarah is managed through several departments, namely a machines department, a hand milling department, a chairs department, a paints department, a carpentry department, and an upholstery department, besides their Computer Numerical Control (CNC) department and their packing department. The departments all work together to deliver a flawless final product. Al Manjarah is also certified by their ISO certificate, which guarantees that the company is run according to the international standards set by the International Organisation for Standardisation.

Beyoot Furniture is the newest company in the Beyoot group. Kabesh notes that the company went through several trials and errors before it reached where it is today. He believes that the secret of its success lies in the fact that its products are fully Egyptian made. Al Manjarah manufactures all the furniture for Beyoot Furniture at international standards, using high-quality wood and fabrics.

Beyoot Furniture specialises in the design of modern and contemporary furniture that is both trendy and original. Their products are always up-to-date, in sync with the latest trends and designs in the furniture world. They also create their own trends in furniture design, standing out among their competitors. The company also produces top-notch and elegantly designed mirrors, home accessories, kitchens and dressing rooms, making it easy for clients to fully furnish their homes through Beyoot Furniture. The large variety of furniture collections available at their showrooms means that there is something for every type of customer at Beyoot Furniture. They also tailor-make furniture according to clients’ requests, in their choice of fabrics, colours or even dimensions.

Kabesh stresses that his motto with Beyoot Furniture is: everything they use is “proudly made in Egypt, with international standards,” proving that local materials and Egyptian-made products can be as great as any. To guarantee that the quality of all their work is top-notch, every detail from A to Z is locally made by Beyoot Group.

With Beyoot Furniture’s three different showrooms across Cairo, shopping for furniture is an easy process for Beyoot’s customers. Their Heliopolis, 6th of October and New Cairo branches are easily accessible and specialists at the three showrooms are always ready to assist customers, to help them find pieces that are a perfect fit for them. Beyoot Furniture also provides a three-year warranty on any piece of furniture and a five-year warranty on dressing rooms and kitchens, thus guaranteeing the durability of their products.

In sum, with its three companies, BEC, Al Manjarah, and Beyoot Furniture – Beyoot is positioned to provide a seamlessly smooth operation from start to finish. The interconnected companies all work together to satisfy their clients, no matter the service needed. While they have been in the market for only a little over one decade, Kabesh’s incredible leadership and the dedication of the staff to providing only the highest quality services and products have firmly placed Beyoot Group on a steady path to becoming the biggest name in the industry in the country. There’s more to look forward to with Beyoot, including their plans to invade the real estate field!