Having founded his namesake photography studio in 2014, today Beshoy Selim ranks among L.A.’s top wedding photographers. He is sought after by couples all over California and beyond, for his artistry as a professional photographer who creates gorgeous collections of wedding photographs and videos of the weddings he covers. It was therefore fitting that we chose Beshoy Selim as the official event photographer for eniGma’s 9th Celebration of Arab Glamour & Success in Beverly Hills. And he certainly did not disappoint. Selim used his magic to produce an amazing collection of photographs and videos of our celebrities and guests as they enjoyed our special evening. eniGma’s Farida Elserty sat down with the talented photographer to learn more about his passion for photography and his impressive path to success.

Beshoy Selim’s passion for photography developed almost overnight. It all started one day when he grabbed his cousin’s camera for the first time. “I know it may sound cliché, but my life changed upside down when I got my hands on this camera for the first time,” says Selim. The next day, he woke up early to head out to buy his first camera and start shooting. “My wife encouraged me, and she advised me to study photography to become more professional. So, I went to West Valley Occupational Center (WVOC) and took a 6-month photography course,” he recounts.

Encouraged by the praise he received from his professor at West Valley and spurred by his own growing passion for photography, Selim decided to pursue his studies further at Santa Monica College. “It was the best decision I have ever made. At Santa Monica College I learned the art of photography, and I met several talented photographers who helped me through my journey,” he proudly recalls.

After finishing his studies, he decided to turn what had been a hobby till then, into a profession. “I thought to myself: photography is my passion, and this is what I want to do in life!” he says. However, he also knew that he did not want to be an ordinary photographer, but rather an artist. He thus decided to be a wedding artist photographer, who would integrate beautiful natural landscapes in photos and videos of wedding couples at their magical celebrations. His work is really a form of art, with his truly artistic canvases embodying and accentuating the beauty of nature as well as his wedding couples.

While Selim’s journey was very exciting, his road to success was not without challenges and a lot of hard work. For a while, he was practicing his photography with his family, and only started his business when he was confident of his professionalism. He also did a lot of photoshoots for free even after starting his business to get people to know him as a photographer. He also had to overcome the scepticism of some people around him. Even some of his best friends were not always supportive of the idea that he wanted to be a photographer. Fortunately, he persevered and decided to stop thinking about others’ opinions and focus on his work only.

Known for his contemporary, colourful, and cinematic style, today Selim is an award-winning photographer with several international awards from prestigious institutions like WeddingWire, Wedaward, PROWED, and many others, under his belt. Having worked with over 250 couples across the United States, his reputation for immense creativity and talent is spreading beyond the US and he has already shot several events around the world.

Although Selim became one of the most renowned photographers in Los Angeles in a short time, he never takes his success for granted. When the team at eniGma reached out to him to be the official event photographer of eniGma’s 9th Celebration of Arab Glamour & Success, he was very happy to oblige. “I knew eniGma Magazine for years, and I love its team a lot. It was also super exciting to get the chance to meet and chat with successful Arabs in different fields,” he exclaims.

Selim’s passion continues to grow with every success he achieves. He believes that what makes him a great photographer is that he never takes anything for granted. He never stops loving what he does for a living and does not compare his work to that of other photographers. “I am always focused on improving myself and my work to be the best international wedding photographer,” he confidently asserts.

Selim also has some advice for younger generations who want to start their own businesses. “Don’t ever depend on anyone but yourself. Never give up, and never listen to negative feedback. You may find yourself taking 10 steps back in the process, but that is okay because you must focus on taking 20 steps forward,” he says passionately.