Bebars the Barber

And His Cutting-edge Haircuts

Established in 2015, Bebars the Barber is regarded as one of the best men’s salons in the Dokki area of Cairo for stylish haircuts or complete makeovers. The salon, which works with different hair types, is known for catering to each client with specially tailored services rather than sticking to a general routine that is the same for everyone. eniGma’s Ezz Al-Turkey sat down with hairstylist Milad Bebars, of the salon, to discover more about the remarkable success of his salon in such a competitive business.

It all started out as a hobby for Milad Bebars in 1993, when he started to experiment with styling his own hair and even cutting it himself at a young age. With one trial after another, some more successful than others, Bebars soon got the hang of haircutting and felt he had found the career best suited for him. Before opening his own salon, he began by working at some of the biggest hair salons in Egypt including Kriss Beauty Salon and Al Sagheer Salons, where he served as a Technical Manager. After gaining experience and developing the necessary expertise, he ventured into starting his own business. “I had my own clients, people who specifically asked for me to do their hair, because I was different from other barbers generally. That encouraged me to start my own salon,” recalls Bebars.“I don’t consider myself just a barber,” says Bebars, discussing the competitive business of hairstyling and barbers in Egypt, and how he makes sure his salon stands out. “I try to bring out the best in the customer. To style his hair, I try to take into account the person’s skull and its shape, and how I can use that to my advantage. Sometimes a client may request a specific haircut which may not match him. So I try to improvise and show him which haircut would work best for him. Not a lot of barbers in Egypt do that, but I think it’s crucial to do so, and that’s what makes my salon special,” he adds.

For many men, specifically in Egypt, their only hair care is the monthly cut or trim. Bebars objects to this regimen, noting that it’s unhealthy and may be the biggest cause for hair fall and hair damage. “Men in Egypt need to educate themselves about hair and their individual hair type specifically. When a client comes to me, I don’t just cut their hair; I see it as my job to let them know how to maintain it, and I give them pointers on which lifestyle would be the healthiest for their hair. A lot of people have the misconception that baldness is always hereditary, when in many cases, it’s not. It is often actually due to neglecting proper hair care routines,” he notes.

With Bebars’ stellar reputation rising, as well as winning a few awards for his reputable work, it is not surprising that several A-list celebrities have come knocking on his salon’s door. They include actor Karim Kassem, and TV and radio host Sherif Noureldin, whose hair Bebars styled for all three editions of El Gouna Film Festival, among others.

“I really want to educate people more about their hair and help them try to figure out their style,” explains Bebars. “The first step to discovering your style is to simply spend five minutes daily in front of the mirror, styling your own hair using only your hands. If you spend time looking at your face, you’ll figure out what can highlight your looks,” he adds, encouraging people to embrace whichever hairstyles works best with their own facial features, instead of blindly following trends.What may hold a lot of men back from exploring different hairstyles, or even dying their hair, are society’s judgmental attitudes and expectations. Bebars stands for self-acceptance all the way. “I think people need to stop being afraid of what others might say. In reality, if you accept yourself and have self-confidence, you can pull off whichever hairstyle you choose. People will accept it as well,” he remarks.

The future for Bebars the Barber, and its charismatic owner is bright. With the salon’s increasing popularity, expansion seems inevitable. “In the next five years, I really want to make my brand one of the biggest, not only locally but internationally. I want to open new branches of Bebars the Barber, but not just for the sake of franchising. I would like to start an artistic movement regarding hair. I want people internationally to speak well of the hairstyling business in Egypt. I don’t want us to just follow trends, I want us to create them!” he exclaims.

For more information on Bebars the Barber: 

Address: 14 Hayett Al Tadriss Square, El Mossaddak Street, Dokki, Cairo, Egypt.

Tel: (+20) 1000359677

Instagram: @bebarsthebarber

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