Basma is an Egyptian actress. Her movie credits include Morgan Ahmed Morgan, Laylat Soqoot Baghdad (The Night Baghdad Fell), Elnazir (The Headmaster) and Mafish Fayda (There’s No Hope).

At the start of the revolution I was travelling and didn’t think anything would happen. But I was pleasantly surprised to see it had gained momentum. I arrived on January 28th and everything I had seen in the media abroad pushed me to join in the protests. It was the first time we’d ever witnessed Egyptians speak without fear, demand their rights and do it peacefully.

I was incredibly distressed by the aggression shown towards the protestors and the fact that Egyptian state media tried to cover it up.  They made a mockery of our youth, the movement and of Egypt. They seemed intent on making us look like a bunch of dumb and foolish kids.  They are to blame for any divides that were created during the protests. The point of the media is to be objective, not to be liars. And it was their horrible lies that only further compelled me towards Tahrir. I was there from January 30th till the very end.

I’d love to thank the people who came down to Tahrir and started this all. You’ve given Egyptians their pride and dignity back. For all those who had thought – or continue to think – that we were motivated by some hidden agenda or parties – I only wish they had come down to Tahrir and seen for themselves. This was the people’s revolution and we did not need a leader or a spokesperson.
On Friday February 11th, I was home when the President resigned, but I rushed to Tahrir to celebrate our independence with the people who made it happen. And though we were all very happy, this is not the end of the revolution; it’s merely the beginning. We’re still anxious about our demands being met. We want to trust the army, who are continuously reassuring us that our demands will be met, beginning with amendments to the constitutions and the disbandment of the Shura Council and the Egyptian Parliament.

Our role now as Egyptians is to stand together and keep the beautiful spirit of this great revolution alive. I am proud to have been a part of this revolution and I pity everyone who didn’t take part and witness history changing.