The summer is definitely over, and school terms are back with a vengeance! For those of you struggling to get back into the swing of things, here are some handy tips to help you bond with your little ones and help them get the most out of the new school year.

1) Find Your Child’s Study Zone

There’s no one right place to study. Every child favours a certain setting to concentrate. Studying on a desk won’t make the information stick more but maybe on a picnic table it will. Ask your child if they are more relaxed indoors or outdoors and take it from there.

2) Form a Routine

Form a routine at home for your child when he/she gets back home from school. Children are far more likely to focus if they know that after study time they are allowed some screen time. It also helps them become more organized and disciplined.

3) A Bad Grade Doesn’t Mean Anything

No single bad grade is going to affect your child’s future. Take it easy on the little ones. There are many future Mozart’s so lost right now in Chemistry class. Never make children feel incompetent if they tried their best.

4) Anti-Bullying Starts at Home

Be careful how you treat the people around you, as kids are very perceptive and pick up on social cues. Teaching your children to be compassionate towards their classmates starts with making sure you show compassion in front of them. It is also important to encourage your children to stand up for what is right even if it will make them less popular.

5) Happy Home = Happy Child

Take the time to sit down and speak to your children about their day, every day. A happy and understanding home translates into a successful future generation. Never make a child feel scared to come home to you and to share anything.

6) Listen to Your Children

Teaching your children to think outside the box starts with listening to them. Allow them to communicate their perspectives no matter how silly they may seem. Remember, there is still a lot for them to experience, so they are still in the process of forming their understanding of the world. And you never know, sometimes they may even open your eyes to a new perspective.

7) Let Them Explore Their Interests

Any child may excel in different fields than those of siblings or cousins, so instead of shoehorning them into a hobby, allow them to explore their interests freely to find their forte. Once they’ve found their passions and talents, then you can start pushing them and supporting them to help them succeed.

8) Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement has proven to be far more effective than punishment. Always appreciate and glorify the good that your children do. That way they will be more inclined to do something good to receive that positivity. They’ll still do some bad no matter how many hours of punishment they receive.

9) Get Them Active

Trying a variety of activities from a young age helps your child develop in a range of ways. In addition to possibly uncovering a hidden talent, activities help to stimulate their creativity, and build their confidence. Even if your child doesn’t seem enthusiastic about a specific activity beforehand, still give it a try; their minds are constantly learning and absorbing so you never know what benefits they might be picking up.

10) Learning Can Be Fun

Weekends are for fun, but you can always make education ‘fun’ by taking your young ones to museums or art galleries. Teach them to enjoy learning! Every city has its history and art. That’s especially true in Cairo, of course, so go ahead and educate your children about their surroundings. Day trips appreciating their city will also help them form a deeper bond with their heritage.