Artista Events

Lamiaa Menhal’s Exquisite Agency

When speaking of a grand event such as our 8th Celebration of Arab Glamour and Success in Dubai, it is important to credit the amazing individuals who helped make this memorable night come to life. One person who supported eniGma’s vision for this celebration and helped make it happen in style, is Morrocan artist, designer and media wizard Lamiaa Menhal. A force to be reckoned with, Menhal’s years of expertise in the arts and media, as well as her connections, helped make our event the amazing success that it was.

Known in Dubai as the “Official Moroccan Artist Ambassador,” Menhal has always been passionate about art. Prior to her entry into the PR world, the Casablanca born and bred Menhal studied Illustration at College La Salle, while earning a degree in Marketing and Communication in 2002. Menhal’s artistic potential was evident much earlier, however, having started to paint when she was just 17 years old. Following her graduation from university, she took her art more seriously and began exhibiting her paintings. “My first exhibition was in 2003. Since then, I have had solo exhibitions every year,” she recounts.

While expanding her artistic endeavours, Menhal also launched her own media agency in Morocco in 2004. She quickly attracted major clients and big brands; and in the span of eight years, made a name for herself in Morroco and the wider Arab region.
Menhal’s move to Dubai happened after a 2013 visit to exhibit her art that was attended by King Mohamed VI of Morocco and other royalty. “I didn’t expect to live in Dubai, but since February 2014, I have been living here, organising group art exhibitions that focus on different historical events and their impact on Morrocan culture,” she explains. Having hosted 81 group art exhibitions for Moroccan artists since settling in Dubai, Menhal has become a powerful force in the Emirati art scene.

In 2020 Menhal started her own gallery in Dubai, realizing a longtime dream of hers. “Artista Gallery was a dream come true,” she says. Her first solo exhibition at her gallery featured 25 of her paintings titled, “Love in All its Languages.”

Known for her unique finger-painting technique, starting in 2015, Menhal began to use her technique on fabric as well as on canvas. Merging painting on fabrics with a passion she always had for fashion, it was not long before Menhal released her own fashion collection representing a one-of-a-kind fusion between art and fabric that integrates her unique vision into wearable items. “We started with traditional wear, creating art on abayas. Now our collections include things like denim jackets, jeans, shoes and even bags,” she reveals.

In 2020, after expanding into a variety of fields, Menhal decided to group all her work under the Artista brand, including Artista PR and Artista events. “The goal of all these companies is to unite people through art and to promote Morrocan artists in the UAE,” she explains.

Menhal speaks positively of her experience in the UAE, expressing a deep love for the country as well as an appreciation of the way multiple nationalities have come together to form one community. “I am proud of all the work we were able to achieve in the past eight years,” says Menhal. “I am proud of the small history we have created. I am proud to be a Morrocan artist in the UAE.”