Art House

Modern Furniture for Every Taste

Choosing the right furniture is an important part of starting a home, as it is what makes a room come together to be welcoming and pleasing to its occupant. Art House co-founders Mohamed and Ahmed Ali launched their company nine years ago, with a mission to provide their clients with high quality furniture made from natural wood and other modern materials. eniGma’s Ezz Al-Turkey linked up with the Ali brothers to learn about Art House’s trajectory and the hopes and aspirations of its two co-founders.

Mohamed and Ahmed Ali, the co-founders of Art House, hail from Damietta, the city known as the furniture producing centre in Egypt, which explains their dream from a young age to enter the furniture design business. They eventually fulfilled their passion by starting Art House in 2009 in a small showroom in Cairo, with a focus on designing modern styles of furniture. “When we first started, we had a limited number of pieces to show to the clients. After some time and a lot of hard work, we managed to create more and more designs and to offer a large variety of choices that satisfied the different tastes of our clients,” recounts Mohamed, emphasising that the road to the top was not easy. Today, Art House is housed on a 3000m showroom in Cairo’s Fifth Settlement with a plethora of modern designs and products on offer.

With extensive expertise in discerning furniture trends, Ahmed understands the market and his clients thoroughly. “These days, people are looking for modern designs that include metal and stainless steel. These are widely available abroad, but not so much in Egypt since we stopped importing furniture like we used to before. With the increase in demand, now many Egyptian manufacturers are producing this type of furniture,” he explains, adding, “Local production, is not only cost-effective but also allows a lot of room for creativity and producing even better designs.”

Art House is known for its expertise at taking advantage of every bit of space in a room, without making the room too crowded. One of their latest most popular designs is a wardrobe that looks like a walk-in closet with lots of storage capacity that actually doesn’t take up too much space in a room. Art House is also known for their techy designs for their couches, which can include USB charging ports and speakers.

“Our designs are very different from the ones in the market. We design our furniture from scratch, with the help of our engineering teams that exert lots of effort in making the best out of everything. We have a team that travels abroad to explore the latest innovations. Now we have reached the point of having our own signature designs that we are famous for,” exclaim the two brothers, who are now feeling pretty comfortable at the top of their game. So much so that they achieved four ISO certificates for Quality Management, Environmental Management, Consumer Satisfaction and Occupational Health & Safety Management.

Looking ahead, Mohamed and Ahmed have even bigger dreams for Art House. Mohamed explains, “We have a factory under construction in Damietta right now. It is set to become one of the biggest furniture manufacturers in the Middle East, and it will be using the latest technology. We are also very excited about our plan to build a big mall just for furniture in Alexandria, which will open in February 2021. It will be the only one of its kind in Alexandria and it’s expected to really boost the industry in the city and provide many new employment opportunities. Alexandria has many furniture showrooms, but unlike Cairo, it doesn’t have a mall just for furniture. The market needs new ideas and creativity.”

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