Arrangements with Flair

As a booming industry, wedding planning is now about so much more. Organising a memorable wedding requires, not only creativity, resourcefulness and good taste, but also superior management skill and composure under pressure. . With the wedding season in full swing, eniGma’s Mahmoud Al Badry asked some of Egypt’s top and rising wedding planners about their journey thus far, the hallmarks of their weddings, and the special features that they provide to their clients. Here is what they said.

RS Luxury Events (Rana & Sarah Eid):


Having been raised by an hotelier and growing up in a creative environment taught us to appreciate the importance of luxury, creativity, fine taste, and attention to detail when it comes to memorable events. In addition, we’ve both been naturally blessed with a great love for art, florals, and fashion.We decided to venture into wedding planning after Rana’s wedding. We wanted to bring our experience and passion to life as well as offer our clients a professional service with exquisite taste & quality.

Our weddings are unique, personal, and above all, romantic. We try our best to think outside the box, keeping in consideration the brides’ & grooms’ personal preferences. While our personal style is mostly romantic, we also have experience in creating minimalistic, classic, rustic, and trendy weddings. We continuously strive to provide our couples with a memorable journey. In doing so, we emphasise the styling of the wedding as much as its planning. We do this by relying on our own creative designs rather than on outsourced materials. Our memorable flower arrangements are a perfect illustration of our special styling.

Eventfull (Mireille Amin):


We’ve been planning weddings for eight years now. It all started with my own wedding. I quickly found out that this is what I do best and I decided to do it as a full-time gig. I’m a people-oriented person, and all that we do is about the couple, their families and their invitees, and not about us. We get to know different personalities, listen to the couple, communicate with them, know their dreams, and at the end, exceed their expectations. It’s a continuously enjoyable journey that starts with every single new bride. I have a passion for what I do and this is why I do it.

Our aim is always to give the couple an experience they’ll never forget and to make sure the guests are impressed the moment they enter the venue. They must feel that everything has been thought of. In the end, our satisfaction comes with having achieved this outcome. Our weddings are not just about the wedding day itself; they stand out because of the whole experience. In that sense, caring about the couple is paramount, and even though we might be working on several weddings at the same time, we always pride ourselves that each couple feels that we are only focused on theirs.

Lelite (Sherine & Shadden El Banna):


It all started when Sherine graduated Art school with a degree in Architecture. She started planning weddings, engagements, birthdays and corporate events. When I (Shadden) graduated four years later, we quickly established L’elite to nurture our shared interest. We complement each other really well, as we combine an eye for detail with a propensity for creativity.

Every event we work on has a completely unique identity and theme. This versatility allows us to organise any type of wedding, be it modern, vintage, rustic or royal. Our years of experience have proven that a huge part in landing an event is having the social intelligence to deal with all kinds of people and making them feel comfortable and confident that they made the right choice in hiring you. The challenge that we set for ourselves is perfection in every single detail. And because life is measured by milestones – a first birthday, a wedding, an anniversary – planning the parties that celebrate these special occasions can be just as memorable and rewarding as attending them!

Sandra Assaad:


After I graduated, I was lucky to work with Dina Iskandar, one of the best wedding planners in town for two years, first as a part-timer then full-time. I completely fell in love with the industry and I decided to start my own business.  All in all, I now have eleven years’ worth of experience. Back when I first started in 2005, wedding planning was a relatively unorthodox career path. It wasn’t monotonous or traditional, but was rather invigoratingly challenging. What really drew me in was the industry’s combination of artistic values and continuously changing settings. I like the fact that, with every event, you are at a different venue, planning a wedding for a new couple, and using different designs, photographers and music. I find all of this to be extremely exciting.

In my designs, every wedding has to depend solely on the taste of the couple. While I organise virtually all types of weddings, I personally prefer to design out of the box weddings, so to speak, as they afford me more room to create and stand out, while simultaneously satisfying my client’s expectations.