Are Beards Good for Men’s Health?

By Karen Ratheford

Facial hair may have benefits when it comes to protecting the face from direct sunlight and infection. But one important thing about the men’s facial hair is that it requires a great deal of care.

The fact remains that bearded men have little health advantage over men without one. While it may be challenging for some to grow a beard, others find it challenging to maintain theirs. When it comes to keeping a good looking beard, there are a few things you want to keep in mind. 

Beards Prevent Shaving Rash 

If you ever have to use a blade to trim the hair around your jaw and face, you know it is the quickest way to get a rash. Growing your beards could be an excellent way to prevent the itching and rashes that come with regular shaving. You don’t have to go completely bald on the face, and you can grow your facial hair out and trim it occasionally to keep it neat. 

Provides Warmth 

You are also protected from direct sunlight on your face when you are heavily bearded. It could make a difference in winter when the chills are bearing down your face from all directions. The fuller your facial hair, the more level of protection you will get. 

Make you Feel Attractive 

There is a feeling of attention that comes with a beard. For one, it provides women something to fantasize about in a man, plus they can easily refer to you as the guy with the beards, which is enough to distinguish you from others in a room. When adequately groomed, your beards could also be attractive and do more to complement your looks. 

Fights Infection 

In addition to providing warmth, facial hair also helps with fighting off bacterial infections from the face. With fewer foreign objects getting into the pores, guys with beards will likely get infected from a skin infection than guys without. With no hair on the face, the skin becomes exposed to bacteria, which may be avoided with little facial hair strands.

Typical Problems Associated with Beards 

The common issues men with beards usually face is how best to groom one. While it is worth getting all the best hair care products for men, you also need to make time weekly for your cuts and trim. Making out time for grooming is the first step to keeping your appearance in check. 

Use a Shampoo 

A good hair shampoo helps to soften your stands and make them easy to style. With softer hair, it becomes easy for you to comb and trim it without a sweat. 

Comb often 

Growing your hair means you need to keep a comb handy. Moving around with a bushy face could quickly take the fun out of having a beard, it looks a lot neater when you run a comb through it before leaving the house. 

Trim Regularly 

Regular trimming is one of the best ways to maintain healthy-looking hair. Using scissors, clippers, or razors could do an excellent job keeping each strand at the same level.

If you are not up for the task, you can meet a professional barber to help you get the perfect trim.