Architect Dalia Sadany Wins Golden Award in Italy

After years of making a name for herself as a talented architect and designer on both the regional and international stage, Dalia Sadany has been awarded the Golden Award in one of the most prestigious design competitions in the world; the A’ Design Award & Competition. This award, hosted annually in Italy, sees almost 13,000 designers competing across 105 different design fields, making it truly exceptional that Sadany’s achievements were recognised amongst this world-class talent. 

Sadany was presented this award for her recent spectacular design of the Cyber Security Hall Museum in the American University in Cairo’s Greek Campus. Taking inspiration from her heritage, Sadany has consistently worked to showcase authentic Egyptian architectural styles and highlight the contribution of Egypt to the design world. This museum in particular, which seeks to demonstrate how Pharaonic thinking provided the foundation for much of the cyber security that is being used and developed today, stands as an incredible tribute to Egyptian civilisation. In order to complete the designs, Sadany spent months researching alongside Egyptologists, to develop an understanding for the Pharaonic symbols and shapes that she uses throughout the museum. Looking at the sheer complexity, uniqueness and creativity of the museum space, it is no wonder that Sadany won such a reputable award for this project, congratulations!