Apartment Christmas Decorations

Although Christmas colours are traditionally red and green; there are still ways to decorate your apartment for the holidays without it getting too jolly.

To get this vibe, decorate your apartment in white and touches of red here and there. You can also have an icy silver Christmas tree or even an all-gold one.

Here are more ideas to make your apartment look great for the holidays:


1. Bedroom

If you love Christmas, we say take it to the bedroom for some positive morning energy. You can subtly decorate your room by adding some chocolates and flowers on your nightstand.


2. Living Room

For an apartment, place a medium-sized Christmas tree to the side of your living room and decorate it in white and neutral colours. You can also add some fur throws and gold candles on the table.


3. Bathroom

Give your bathroom ceiling a little sparkle for a relaxing vibe, and arrange some red flowers and candles next to your bathtub and on the sink.


4. Stairs

If you live in a two-level apartment or house, you can always decorate your stairs by adding some bling to it for a snow-like atmosphere.


5. Christmas Gifts

What better way to get ready for the holidays than piling up presents under the Christmas tree? Place your Christmas tree next to your apartment door and sprinkle gifts all around, or park them in front of your house!


6. Studio

If you live in a studio, you can decorate it in white and silver to make it cosy. To implement this design, place a white fur rug in front of your living area and throw around some white Christmas lights. To further set the mood, purchase floor lanterns and light up candles.


7. Yourself

Finally, for a complete Christmas feel, dress up in cosy winter attire. We recommend velvet and fur.