Amr Saad’s Self-expression Accessories

Since its launch, the Amr Saad eyewear and jewelry brand stands out with its focus on unique eyewear designs delicately handcrafted using jewelry techniques and precious stones. In only two years, Saad has built a huge fanbase that includes celebrities, fashion bloggers, social media influencer and millennials, all aspiring to own one of his masterpiece lenses. eniGma interviewed the man behind the lens to learn more about his fascinating jewelry line.

Amr Saad was a business school graduate who worked for seven years in his field after graduation. He even began studying for an MBA, before he suddenly decided to change course. Saad revealed that since the very beginning of his career, something else had always been on his mind. “I always felt that I wanted to work with my hands.” he explains. “At one point, I just lost interest in business. But I had no idea at the time that I would become passionate in jewelry,” he recounts.

Saad took off to Italy where he enrolled in a six month course at Le Arti Orafe Jewelry School & Academy in Florence, graduating in 2012. Following that, he honed his skills working in jewelry production with one of his instructors for almost a year and half. Upon his return to Egypt, Saad setup his own workshop for jewelry production and worked with others in the industry. But after a while, he realized that he didn’t want to continue producing other people’s work. He wanted to create designs that expressed his own identity.

Equipped with his business knowledge and the technical experience he had gained in Italy, Saad decided to launch his Amr Saad jewelry brand in August 2015 completely on his own. His biggest challenge was that he didn’t know the jewelry industry in Egypt well. “I kept hurdling between agencies to find the right marketing and branding help,” he explains.

Urban Infused Collection
Anachronous Collection

Unleashing his creativity, Saad delved into an area that was as unconventional as it was challenging. He was going to make hand-made sunglasses using precious metals. “I use gold or silver and precious stones which I select based on each collection’s colours and shapes. I use rubies, emeralds, amethysts, topaz and many other stones,” he explains. “Looking back,” he adds, “I wanted to disrupt the jewelry scene and to do something new with sunglasses. I did not want to repeat what others did.”

Saad’s brand identity is all about self-expression. He works on different themes in line with the brand’s DNA, and the creation of each unique theme is based on a nuanced research process. “It takes a lot of time before we finalize our research and come up with the ideas and sketches,” he explains, adding that if he is conducting research on a person from a certain period, for instance, he studies in detail his personality, behaviour, and emotions before taking all this back to his workshop for interpretation. Based on that person’s inspiration, he decides what the new collection will look like. Saad is quick to add that his collections are mostly inspired by a synthesis of things from daily life and his own state of mind at the time he is trying to hone his ideas.

Interpreting his two collections to date, Saad reveals what he had in mind, saying, “The Urban Infused collection was basically transforming the classic shapes of glasses through new urban looks, while the Anachronous’ collection represented our aspiration for the eyewear of the future.”

Amr Saad’s Gentlemen Collection
Amr Saad’s Gentlemen Collection
Amr Saad’s Gentlemen Collection

With his own personal taste veering to the exclusive Lafont Regard glasses and the Konstantino Greek jewelry brand, Saad can’t stress enough how broad the jewelry world is, and how much he wants to introduce this world to the Egyptian market. His latest step in bringing this wide world to Egypt is reflected in his latest collection, an all men’s jewelry collection, The Gentlemen Collection, which was unveiled in October as a reflection of the beaux-vieux temps of men’s fashion. With obvious thrill, Saad declares, “This collection foreshadows trends that merge and unify gender in fashion. It’s something that I truly wish to further develop here in Egypt.”