Amr Diab’s Busy Month

The past month has been a pretty eventful one for superstar Amr Diab. After being leaked online, he released his new song Amaken El Sahar (Night-Time Places) and it became the most viewed song of the summer. The music video was all the more special because it featured Amr Diab’s love interest,  actress Dina El Sherbiny.

Diab’s bombshell news, however, was his announcement that, after an absence from acting that lasted 27 years, he was starring in a new original Netflix series. ‘I look forward to an Egyptian-made production reaching Netflix’s massive audience,“ said the superstar.
In August, Diab also held a huge online concert, which was a major success. In a post on his Facebook page, he exclaimed: “Summer is not the same without a plateau party. This summer is yours, so you can all access this concert and be there from the comfort of your own homes…”

We cant wait to see what more surprises this megastar has up his sleeve!