Alpha Matar


While we use elevators on a daily basis, we usually take them for granted, and never think about what went into their manufacture or what keeps them running and well maintained. Founded in 1979, by Sami, Fawzy and Maher Matar, Alpha Matar is a leading company in the field of Elevators and Escalators. Flash forward 41 years, Maher’s son Ahmed Matar is one of the second generation leaders, taking it together to new heights of excellence. eniGma’s Ezz Al-Turkey sat down with Matar at the company’s factory, to learn more about the company.

Can we start with an overview of your company and your own involvement in it?
Coming from a family of engineers, I graduated with a degree in communications and electronics. The company started in 1979 and has been in the market for 41 years. We are specialised in elevators and escalators. It all started with five people and now we have more than 250 engineers working here; they are all experts. We actually import everything in the manufacturing process. We have an edge in this field by having our own factory and Italian agency. We can execute every single design requested, modern, classic, contemporary and a lot of other styles. It’s a family business. We took it over after the first generation, and we were determined to maintain the exact same quality, and developed, throughout the years!

Why do you think Alpha Matar has become a leader in this field?
I think it’s because at our company we really don’t see elevators simply as basic instruments to help you go up and down floors. We view elevators as part of the decoration of the whole building, as well. We have expert engineers too, who look after the whole installation, maintenance and manufacturing process, they maintain superior quality controls and checks; therefore, every manufacturing step is done under complete expert engineering supervision.

We are the sole agent of the Italian company Montanari Giulio & C. This Company has one of the world’s highest ranking in the manufacturing of elevator machines and components. We import most of our components from Italy. Our factory is involved in the whole process of manufacturing the cabin of the elevator, semi-automatic doors and car frames – starting from our R&D all the way until the customer’s requests are finely met. All our cabins are certified by EOS and ISO and guaranteed to be of very high-end quality from very well-known consultants and designers. We also export to some countries in Africa, with full guarantee of the quality and remote service.

Our edge lies in our continuous ongoing innovations that are derived from our regular visits to the exhibitions held all over the world. We apply what best serve our vision and best suit our market needs. We also care very much about client satisfaction. We take a lot of measures to assure the best quality is delivered all the time, and we guarantee the best post-sales service. Clients feel safer knowing we are always there to help through the whole process from the moment we sign the contract. We have 24/7 customer service; if the client calls for elevator service at two in the morning, we are immediately there to fix it.

Does Alpha Matar offer customised cabins?
We design the cabin to suit the client. We can customise it according to the clients’ needs or down to the size of the space. We decide on all the measurements we need for a design, whether you have a private villa, mall, hospital, university or even a factory. Then, it is up to the customer to decide on the design; if he likes a specific ceiling or maybe a specific cabin he saw on a specific website or according to his interior designer – we execute it for him. We have more than 40 cabin styles and designs. We can easily deliver the clients’ needs using different colour palettes and the type of wood or stainless steel they want to use. We also excel at making different door designs. The door is a very important factor because it’s the aspect that is seen the most. There are gold, stainless steel, and silver encapsulated options. They can also be painted according to the client’s preferences. The semi-automatic or manual elevator door has some advantages, such as easily changing its design or colour. Nowadays, elevators are modernised; doors have a panorama instead of a small glass opening, and instead of a greased door, it can be laminated in wood. We can customise the door and even the door handle, which can be purchased from anywhere in the world. The door is a major piece of décor. We believe that décor is a major part of life. Good designs make people feel great.

Can you tell us a bit about the operational aspects of elevators?
We have the most updated technology for elevator operating system installation. We have very intricate operating systems for gearless roomless machine. This is the most used technology nowadays and it avoids having a machine room. This makes the client super comfortable, because all our elevators run with the 3VF system, which is variable voltage and variable frequency, mainly to control the mechanical movement only with electricity. As the electricity increases, the machine’s speed increases as well, and before the person reaches the desired floor, the speed decreases gradually until the elevator stops. This 3VF technology is used in all our elevators whether gearless or geared machines. This technology is beneficial for the life range of the machine itself, as well. If there are fluctuations in the electricity, the fluctuations are transmitted to the invertors to solve the problem and convert only the needed electrical charges for the elevator to work properly. Our heavy-duty machines are never drained because of usage. Our company has successfully built elevators for private villas, twin houses, town houses, stand-alone villas, hospitals, universities, malls and factories. So no matter the size of the house, hyper market, hospital, factory or mall, we have the solution. We worked with El-Morshedy Group, Chipsy, Rich Bake, MIU university and many more brand names, and we have a great reputation among our clients.

We never settle for less and our plans for the future are limitless. We spend a lot of time in putting detailed sophisticated plans for the next 5 years and we check it on a quarterly basis in order to guarantee achieving the goals. Our future goal after rooting our name in Egypt is to invade the Middle East with our products. We will never fail to impress our clients with the quality and service of our elevators. Our clients are our extended family and we will always work hard to keep them safe and satisfied.