Alluring Atmospheres

Architect & Interior Designer Hossam Nabil’s Diplo Dream

With summer upon us, many who are looking to create or reinvent their summer homes turn to Hossam Nabil, one of Egypt’s most prominent architects and interior designers, known for creating distinctively unique, luxurious havens. From architecture to interior and landscape design as well as furniture production, Nabil offers a range of services to meet all his clients’ needs. Here Nabil has created a true summer haven for his clients in Diplo on Egypt’s North Coast. Exuding warmth, comfort and style, he has designed a luxurious, bright and airy home that is perfect for the family’s enjoyment and fun entertainment with friends all summer.

With a contemporary perspective, the wooden doors and gate integrated with the landscape add a welcoming enterance to this summer home.

Experimenting with space allows Nabil more room to play around with the design. This terrace allows for a spectacular view of the outside garden; while calm colours and wide glass windows bring natural light that makes for a spacious and bright room.

In this interior the use of neutral colours like grey and subtle shades of white and cream provide a cool tone that is gentle to the eye. The consistent neutral tones create a balanced and elegant atmosphere which gives the designer the space to add different accessories and patterns that complete and balance the whole aesthetic.

Nabil adds a subtle blue in the window panels and the cushions for a nice summery appeal while maintaining an elegant and calm aesthetic. The designer has his own line of products ranging from lighting, tables and accessories; and will be offering more furniture products that complement his special interior style.

Nabil’s artistic eye and a geometric sense of spacing complement his architectural and design background, to create his distinctive designs. The glass walls, marble floors and contemporary furniture make for a smart space while his vividly coloured accessories and choice of colours provide an artistic and beautiful aesthetic.

The elegant ceiling and distinctive use of lighting elevate the modernity of the house while adding fine lighting for nighttime. Moreover, the glass wall gives an astonishing view of the garden and pool.

Nabil’s clever use of glass makes the kitchen appear larger and more transparent. In this sophisticated yet simple design, the walls, floor and cabinet doors are in a calm white that visually enlarges the interior. The boldly coloured accessories and wooden table add a warm touch of summer.

Experimenting with different lighting to create a modern appeal, the designer’s subtle use of shading adds a tranquil vibe to this luxurious bathroom. The use of geometric shapes and composition is aesthetically pleasing for the eye and soul.