Alaa Khiri

Reflecting Personality Through Interior Design

Reflection Interiors is a luxury interior design firm that was founded in 1994 by the charismatic Engineer Alaa Khiri. At first, the firm was more focused on the implementation of administration buildings rather than design. However, in 2010, Reflection Interiors adopted its design and build concept and started undertaking high-end residential projects. eniGma got the chance to sit down with the prominent architect to find out more about the style of Reflection Interiors and its amazing journey of success. We were also thrilled to have been given an exclusive look at Khiri’s latest project: his own personal residence in Madinaty City.

Ever since Reflection Interiors shifted its focus towards residential projects, its founder Alaa Khiri has brought a new design experience with every one of his projects. His own remarkable residence is no exception. His house was built in rustic Mediterranean style with strong influences from Spain and Italy, making it a unique piece of art. Khiri enthusiastically reminisces about the time and effort that went into making his home. “This style is based on the use of natural materials, specifically wood and marble from the Mediterranean region. When it comes to natural wood, you can feel its spirit; there is nothing artificial about it. We prefer to use it for doors and floors, alongside the small details of different elements. In addition, we do very exceptional work with beach pine, which we hand-scrape. Every detail is a piece of art, and you can clearly feel its presence,” says Khiri.

Despite the fact that the designer’s personal taste is classic Mediterranean, his firm is entirely capable of recognising and achieving the different range of styles that clients desire. Reflection Interiors’ passion for interior design is manifested in every project and creation for its clients. The team is determined to deliver clients’ requests with top notch quality and in a timely manner. “Before we start working on a project, we schedule a meeting with the clients’ family, in order to understand how they imagine their dream home, trying to reach the most specific level of detail possible. To do so, we show them a variety of reference designs, in order to determine their preferences and dislikes. After we get to know the client, the design process starts,” Khiri explains. The prominent designer sees every project as a challenge, and is delighted when he produces gratifying results. “When you work on something from scratch, and you present the design from A to Z to the customer, it’s all about the passion for what you do,” he states, adding that no matter how hard the challenge is, the results must always satisfy his clients.

In spite of the obstacles that every company is often presented with, Alaa Khiri credits his outstanding team that helps him through it all. He mentions how he’s always present at the site, as well, to make sure everything is going perfectly. “Our team is very aware of everything during the entire procedure,” says Khiri, as he discusses with great appreciation how many members of the team have worked with him since the year 2000. “The whole team is aware that they need to pay attention to every detail; details are what complete the picture our clients want,” he adds. Khiri points out how the company is focused on choosing quality materials to ensure that the end result is always something that makes Reflection Interiors proud to carry its name.

Naturally, with the pandemic, the year 2020 brought its fair share of difficulties to the firm; however, it also served as a refreshing call to the interior design industry. When everyone was forced into quarantine, their views on how they want their houses changed. This did not go unnoticed by Reflection Interiors, who actually saw it as a chance to grow and improve their designs. Khiri explains how after COVID-19, people recognised the importance of having nice gardens in their houses, even if it’s a roof garden.

“Unfortunately, in Egypt, the roof is often neglected and left unused, despite its potential to be transformed into an astonishing garden, deck or porch,” he explains. Khiri also describes how they even proposed the idea of having extravagant roofs at workplaces, where they would combine natural materials such as wood, stone, grass and water features. Khiri’s extensive expertise in the industry gave him all the tools necessary to handle these changes with ease.

Alaa Khiri looks forward to the future and to even more great achievements for Reflection Interiors. Unlike other designers, he is not in a hurry to expand beyond the country’s borders, as Reflection Interiors is satisfied with its current successes, including an American-style home in Heliopolis Sheraton, a place that is dear to Khiri’s heart. “Our ambitions and focus are not on expanding Reflection Interiors hastily, but rather on maintaining our respectable reputation in the market, which will eventually allow us to easily grow beyond the country’s borders,” he explains. He believes that working patiently with clients in Egypt is ideal for the time being, to ensure the finest level of work they aim to achieve. His utmost goal is to remain true to Reflection Interiors’ slogan: Reflect Your Image, which refers to reflecting clients’ personalities through interior design. With their design and build service, and with the input of their talented architects, skilled engineers and trusted subcontractors, Reflection Interiors is confident they can bring their clients’ dreams within arm’s reach.