Al Sagheer’s STYLISH New Arkan Salon

Mostafa Al Sagheer & Interior Designer Injie Mahdy’s Collaboration

Since opening its doors a few months ago, the trendy luxurious new branch of Egypt’s leading beauty empire, Mohamed Al Sagheer Spa & Beauty Salon at New Arkan in Sheikh Zayed, has been causing quite a buzz. The exquisite salon continues the legacy of excellence of the company’s legendary founder, the late Mohamed Al Sagheer. Interior designer Injie Mahdy, worked closely with Mostafa Al Sagheer, the founder’s son and current CEO of the company, to create an especially luxurious and unique salon worthy of the Al Sagheer legacy. eniGma’s Farida Elserty caught up with the designer and Al Sagheer to learn more about the project, its challenges and what lies ahead.

Recognised as one of the “Top 50” hair salons worldwide, the iconic Al Sagheer Salons brand has built a remarkable legacy of excellence in the beauty industry both nationally and internationally. Since taking over as CEO after his late father who founded the iconic brand, Mostafa Al Sagheer has been determined to maintain his father’s legacy. With this in mind, he was adamant that the salon’s new branch at Arkan Plaza in Sheikh Zayed, which had been planned by his father, would be a fitting tribute to his father. For its design, he turned to the creative interior designer Injie Mahdy, known for her skill at balancing trendsetting ideas with timeless style, who had previously collaborated with Al Sagheer on other salon branches. Al Sagheer was confident that her design would reflect the standard of excellence and luxury that he was striving for.

Aware of the exceptional importance of this new project, Mahdy was excited to get the chance to work on the luxurious New Arkan salon. “I’ve always loved working with the Mohamed Al Sagheer Company throughout my career. My favourite projects were the Al Sagheer branches in Telal, Almaza Bay and the Address Marassi because they were cheerful and fun,” she recalls. Al Sagheer also reciprocated her enthusiasm, having seen how she strives to give her clients exactly what they’re looking for.

Located in New Arkan at Courtyard, one of Sheikh Zayed City’s most elegant shopping and dining areas, as soon as you enter the salon, it exudes the feel of a pampering haven. Mahdy’s design, boasting a luxury entrance and a rich flooring crafted in two kinds of marble with brass, draws inspiration from the famous French department store, Galeries Lafayette.

“Actually, when designing the concept, my father wanted the salon to be luxurious, to be like a Louis Vuitton hair salon,” Mostafa Al Sagheer asserts. Mahdy adds, “Mohamed Al Sagheer wanted something out of this world, and that is why everything in the branch is extremely elegant. The salon’s décor carries the Al Sagheer brand’s signature chic theme. We added statement crystals chandeliers for an elegant touch, while the beige walls and floors, as well as the abundance of windows, give the place an optimistically warm feel.” The luxurious interior designed by Mahdy features mostly curved lines, combined with intricate details. to add to the open feel, a transparent glass handrail envelops the salon’s staircase. Exceptional display units placed in the entrance add luxury to the salon, while the fancy handpicked wood cabinets and furniture add an ultra-modern lavish touch.

Aside from the high-end interior, Al Sagheer specially selected the staff in the branch to offer the clients the ultimate pampering experience and an extensive range of services. The branch also partnered with Biologique Recherche in France to add a whole new dimension to the luxury experience.

While some would say that the timing of the project was somewhat problematic for Mahdy, who took on this project barely one week after giving birth, she is happy she did and is proud to have created the most luxurious salon of all Al Sagheer Salons branches. “For me, it was not an option to leave this project by any means, because it was a huge step for any interior designer,” she says with passion. “The main challenge was how to maintain the heritage of the iconic Al Sagheer brand while creating an eclectic, chic salon,” she adds.

Al Sagheer, on the other hand, faced a lot of hard constraints during the project. “Besides the expected usual project challenges, the toughest thing was the passing away of my father, because he had all the agreed-upon project information. So, it was challenging to make sure the salon had everything he wanted,” he explains. Budget limitations also threatened the opening of the new branch.

Looking ahead, Al Sagheer is full of optimism. “When it comes to expanding Mohamed Al Sagheer Beauty Salons, the possibilities are infinite,” he says, adding that he hopes to expand to all the Egyptian governorates, as well as worldwide. He hopes that the collaboration with Mahdy will continue as the brand expands its reach. “It would be perfect if Injie became a part of this expansion,” he says.

Mahdy also looks forward to being a part of future projects with Al Sagheer Salons. In general, she enjoys working on commercial projects and hopes to undertake more of them, providing her clients with services ranging from design plans to taking care of every single detail of the project.