Aisha Ramadan

A Rising Star in Arab Fashion

Awarded Young Designer of the Year 2000 by Swarovski, and Women Achiever Award in 2011 and invited to Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week, young Lebanese designer Aiisha Ramadan has gained a foothold on the international fashion scene. eniGma’s Yosra Shohayeb gets to know all about the talented designer.

Tell us about yourself, the brand, and how you started a career in fashion design.
My love for fashion started when I knew I could draw, which then translated into my love for clothes. That love grew as I practiced some stitching for my Barbie from fabric scraps left over by my aunt who is a tailor. Following that, majoring in Fashion Design was the natural choice and a few years after graduating, I launched my brand, which includes AIISHA’s Couture, White by Aiisha, and Prêt-à-Porter collections I by Aiisha.
How would you describe the woman who wears Aiisha?
I design for generations of women with a common aim; to look and feel confident. Women who love themselves and are comfortable in their own skin, whether that skin is 17 years old or 45 years old, the kind of woman that knows her flaws make her perfect.

How did the brand gain international popularity?
I’m one of the few regional designers who enjoyed collaborating with international brands. As a designer, I was able to speak their language to the local market. Of course, celebrities had a massive impact on elevating our brand’s visibility internationally, which is sometimes overwhelming, but for the most part it’s a token of appreciation.

You partnered with some top international brands; tell us about them, and how did you benefit from them?
Each collaboration carried mutual benefits to both the brand we were collaborating with as well as ours. My team and I are always keen on building long term relationships. Brands value that. With long term commitments comes understanding, consistent statements, and an honest association which makes the consumer think of those brands when they hear our name and think of us when they hear those brands’ names.

You were also signed by a global fashion industry scout; can you tell us about that?
Asil Attar, Founder and CEO of Lead Associates, is a woman known for her expertise in the fashion world both regionally and internationally. She is one of the few who believed in Middle East talent and decided to showcase it to the world. Thankfully, she has picked me as one of her designers to invest in and build their brand. Through her, the team keeps growing and it’s thrilling to see these incredible people supporting us with all their passion. In short, Asil and her team are my angels on this planet. With their help and support, I see Aiisha Ramadan as a strong international brand.

Give us a brief about your latest collection and your designs in general.
Our focus now is mainly on our newly launched ready-to-wear sub-brand I by Aiisha. Our latest collection is called Primrose Path. This collection embraces the Primrose Path of everything beautiful I see, feel, and breathe. Each piece appeals to contrasting personalities and contrasting styles. This collection boasts neon colours as well as classic tones. Silk, French laces, guipure, and jacquards were the core textiles of this collection. Clean lines remain the essence of I by Aiisha without leaving out the beauty of soft silks which create a vision and feel of luxury. As for the upcoming collection, we will share its details with the world in October.

What are your most and least favourite Fall/Winter 14/15 trends?
I’ve learned not to rank anything as my least favourite, but I’d say I’m very thrilled about the popularity of embellishments and the return of 60s trends.