In the quiet district of Heliopolis, on the famous El Mirghani street, lies the latest masterpiece by acclaimed interior designer, Ahmed Hussein. Hussein, who has designed homes for some of the country’s most prominent figures and celebrities, has just completed his latest creation, which evokes the beauty and elegance of Paris and Rome in Cairo.

The Ceiling
Inspired by the murals in palaces in Paris and Rome, the ceiling is reminiscent of Renaissance luxury and glamour. Its juxtaposition with the modern interiors creates a distinctive eclectic atmosphere.

The intricately designed ceiling, which alone took four months to complete, is definitely the most striking feature of this fabulous home. It harks back to the era of the European renaissance, a time when murals gave painters like Michelangelo the space to show off their art. In an effort to bring back the lost art of murals, Hussein tasked a very talented local artist to bring the ceiling to life, which she flawlessly accomplished. The 7m2 x 4m2 ceiling adds a classic touch to the modern house, whilst also reviving an old art form.

The Entrance
Gleaming marble floors set a luxurious tone to the home’s entrance, while the wood panels add warmth making for a welcoming yet uniquely glamorous hallway.

Hussein also used plush interiors and sleek upholstery to recreate the elegance of French and Italian designs. From the baroque style furniture and smooth marble floors, all of the very highest quality, to the glamorously accessorised rooms, everything was proudly produced or sourced in Egypt. Hussein has masterfully infused European elegance into his latest exploit with an unwavering touch of local sophistication.

The Dining Room
Set against the magnificent ceiling, the lush silver chairs create a contemporary and comfortable dining space that is ready to host friends for appetising meals and long conversations.
The Living Room
This American style living room is the perfect spot for a comfortable sit-down with a good book or those late-night family gatherings. The plush white sofa with the modern glass table are a perfect combination exuding ultimate sophistication.