Abdelrahman Roshdy & Moataz Mady

Discussing Their Brand New Album Ass'ela

Rising artist Abdelrahman Roshdy’s latest album, Ass’ela (Questions), has been making waves in Egypt since it was released a couple of months ago. The singer painstakingly worked on the album for several years with the help of prominent music producer Moataz Mady. They put their hearts and souls into it, and their efforts paid off. eniGma’s Nour Torky sat down with Roshdy and Mady to discuss the new album, their collaboration with other artists, like Amir Eid, as well as their future music plans.

How did each of you get into music?

Roshdy: I started in 2015 when I participated with Cairokee in a concert called Sound Clash. I really got into music with that concert and since then I’ve been working on multiple projects. In 2018, I started taking it professionally and began producing my own albums. That’s when I met Moataz and we produced our newest album Ass’ela.

Moataz: I started getting into music ever since I was 18. I was more into rock and jazz at the time. Then later on I felt I wanted to move on to the producing side. I started my journey by producing music for advertisements.

What were some of the challenges that you faced in this competitive industry?

Roshdy:  With all my previous projects, I was fortunate that they featured my co-singers and that did the recognition for me. I started facing challenges mainly when I started producing my new album, as it was my first professional project. The main issue was how to distinguish my work and show its unique aspects as well as the thought process behind it. Thankfully, we were able to leave a mark and showcase our work.

What has been your proudest achievement so far?

Roshdy: Ass’ela is definitely a project that makes me feel proud. We have been working on it for two years; and seeing our work come to life has honestly been very exciting. Seeing songs from the album become a trend on YouTube and, honestly, getting over 10 million views was an amazing recognition after years of planning and hard work.

What was the creative thought process behind the album?

Moataz: Well, Abdelrahman had already come up with the lyrics and melody. So, basically, everything was almost ready. I just had to listen to the song, assess its direction, record and sync everything together. We had a concept in mind and an image of what we wanted the album to be like, so we edited and did things accordingly.

Tell us a bit about the features in your album, what was it like doing collaborations with other artists?

Roshdy: Well, there are three features in the album with: Amir Eid, Ahmed Kamel and Mahmoud El Lithy. Basically, with each piece, we reassessed the direction and genre of the song according to the artist we were working, with to suit every character.

What are your upcoming projects?

Roshdy: Well, we are still thinking and brainstorming, but most probably we will be working on singles in our next projects. We are planning on releasing a new project hopefully around the summer.

Also, are you planning to work together again soon?

Roshdy: Of course, we are planning on working together again. The work process was very smooth, so definitely, yes!