In the midst of the hustle and bustle of the historic Cairo Marriott Hotel in Zamalek lies a quaint dining gem, famed for serving the finest Italian gourmet food. Ristorante Tuscany, an integral part of the five-star hotel’s illustrious success, has recently revamped its menu to maintain its legendary superb quality while keeping up with the evolving needs of its international clientele. With its new wider range of offerings, Ristorante Tuscany is set to satiate the appetite of its most discerning clientele while providing an unforgettable Italian escape in the heart of Zamalek.

Upon entering the restaurant, you are immersed in an authentic Italian experience, from the retro-checkered overlays to the lavish wooden décor, and the tender tunes of Dean Martin in the background. The restaurant’s warm, cosy atmosphere will put you in a relaxed mood, especially during winter’s chilly nights. Once the weather warms up, you can also take advantage of the restaurant’s outdoor seating area aptly situated in the garden promenade, making it the ideal place to spend a sunny spring afternoon.

Once seated, Tuscany’s attentive staff will pull out all the stops to ensure you have a memorable dining experience. To start, the sumptuous breadbasket with its range of perfectly toasted breads promises to revitalise your taste buds with the help of a uniquely blended dip featuring freshly grated parmesan cheese with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. To follow, the appetisers, featuring a faultlessly seasoned Arancini and a refreshing tomato and basil bruschetta, will have you uttering ‘delizioso’ from the first bite. The sumptuous seafood medley or wild mushroom soup also make for truly stellar combinations when paired with the warm Focaccia bread on offer.

Part of Tuscany’s revamped menu is the addition of an extensive list of mouthwatering pastas. The menu now boasts 13 different pastas sure to please every palate. World-renowned Executive Chef Stephen McGarrie, along with his hardworking team, make pastas from scratch, offering a truly authentic Tuscan experience. From the rich Fettuccine Alfredo lathered in fresh mushrooms and cream, to the salmon ravioli with pink sauce artistically sprinkled pine nuts, the various pasta offerings will transport you to the sundrenched fields of Tuscany. The restaurant is also proud to prepare any pasta dish that is not on the menu, proving that customer satisfaction is of utmost importance at Ristorante Tuscany.

Tuscany’s main courses are just as varied and delicious as their pastas. The succulently baked sea bass fillet paired with a flavourful Mediterranean sauce and their scaloppini doused in white wine, lemon and herb sauce, will leave you craving for more. But don’t rush to order a second round, as you need to leave space for their delectable desserts. The authentic Italian chocolate cake oozing with warm chocolate or the traditional Panna Cotta served with a scrumptious strawberry sauce are sure to provide memorable finales for your meal.

Tuscany’s superb culinary experience is also matched by the exceptional attentiveness of its waiters who are trained to fulfill all of your dining needs. To ensure an unparalleled quality of service, the staff personally gets to try the different offerings on the menu. This ensures that diners receive the right recommendations to suit their unique taste and desire.

If you’re looking to enjoy a delightful dining experience, Ristorante Tuscany is the place for you. Be ready for a truly authentic Italian evening, and bring along a big appetite!