A Selection of Drama, Suspense & Humor This Ramadan

The Most Impressive First Episodes.

This Ramadan season started with a variety of shows that won the admiration of many, this was evidenced by the arrangement of plots that were very well paved, dramatic, and a logical narration of events. Here are the most impressive and surprising ones thus far: 

  1. El Ekhteyar 2 (The Choice 2) 

The first episode won the admiration of the audience especially for perfectly linking both seasons. The episode also set the plot for us and portrayed the characters played by Karim Abdelaziz and Ahmed Mekky in a way that connected to the events we witnessed in 2013, delivering a great amount of emotions.   


2. Harb Ahleya (Civil War)  

Youssra continues her dramatic streak with her performance this year. The first episode we are shown a group of individuals and families that conceal many secrets, and a very estranged relationship between a mother, played by Youssra and her daughter, played by Jamila AwadBassel Khayat’s character is a psychologist hiding many things, which leaves us at unease!  



3. El Tawoos (The Peacock) 

El Tawoos surprised us by portraying events as a way to arise awareness of current events in Egypt. The episode caused a great amount of emotions with the injustice of the victim girl who was played by the actress Sahar Al-Sayegh that was raped by group of men at her work place. There is no doubt that this show will be a topic of discussion! 



4. Li’bet Newton (Newton’s Game)  

This could be the best come back ever for Mona Zakiwho plays the role of Hana. Hana is a woman trying to hide her pregnancy to be able to travel to the United States. Hana and her husband Hazem, played by Mohamed Mamdouh planned for her to give birth in the United States in order for her child to gain citizenship but the plan gets disrupted by unexpected events. The show is worth watching for the amazing performance by both actors.  



5. Khali Balak MeZizi (Take Care of Zizi) 

Amina Khalil takes on the role of Zizi, a woman who is attempting to become pregnant. Zizi has anger management issues, which manages to affect her relationship with her husband Hisham, played by Aly Kassem. The show is fun and light, opposite of most of the shows being displayed this Ramadan.