Cairo is heating up and there’s no better place to be than up north where the cool sea breeze and powdery white beaches await you. El Sahel or the North Coast, is up and running and is once again the perfect escape from city traffic, pollution and high temperatures. But while we all need that weekend getaway to unwind and recharge, we don’t all have the same preferences. That’s why eniGma has composed the ultimate guide for your summer Sahel vacation based on the preferences of four personality types.

The Athlete

You’re the athlete, and you’re probably the one person in your group of friends who arrived late to an outing or work because you were finishing up that last set. For those of you who are looking for more than just a quick weekend getaway, keeping up with your workout routine can be a hectic task in the North Coast. Don’t fret though, because this year Sahel is accommodating you with various sports venues to help you break your personal records while tanning the stress away.

1. BeFit

BeFit has made its mark in Cairo, taking Instagram by storm and becoming one of the top leading fitness entities in Egypt. With that in mind, there’s no reason for the athlete/entrepreneur Aly Mazhar not to expand his workouts to the North Coast so that dedicated fitness-fans can enjoy a guilt free summer. For group exercises that include endurance, speed, agility and strength, BeFit is the place to be

Location: Hacienda White and Hacienda Bay

2. Fibers

Different goals mean different methods, and not all of us are inclined to work out in a massive group. That’s why Fibers Health Club is open in Sahel with its state-of-the-art equipment, workouts and fitness regimes for those seeking a more personalised routine.

Location: Hacienda Bay

3. Vibes – Run and Ride

Gyms and barbells are all fun and games, but if you’re really up for a unique fitness experience that will beat the sweat out of you, Run and Ride has commenced this year in Sahel! It’s the missing piece to your summer shredding, with its one of a kind running and cycling experience that will boost your cardio to a whole new level. An in-door collusion between music and fitness, their badass beats and free-flowing rides by the sea will shape the summer body you’ve been aiming for. Escape the summer heat with an air-conditioned, high-intensity, endurance-driven, workout all with the alluring view of the Mediterranean Sea.Location:  Bianchi

The Party-Goer

Short on time and always searching for a fun time, you’re a party goer and Sahel has lots of options for you. Sahel is notorious for its clubs, bars and beach parties that start in mid-summer and continue all through to September. Particularly during the weekend, whether until sunset or sunrise, Sahel is filled with your weekend dose of afternoon beach parties and late-night adventures.

1. 6ix Degrees

First on our list is, of course, 6ix Degrees. The popular nocturnal venue is opening up its doors this year once again. Run by reigning party rulers of Tamarai, 6ix Degrees provides you with that uber lively night you’ve been waiting for. Its hosts, Ayman Baky, Ahmed Beltagy and Marc Wahba are more than capable to give you the blowout of the summer and have been known to cater to the Party Goer’s nightly instincts year after year.

Location: Hacienda Bay

2. Dano’s Beach Club

Reminiscent of Andiamo Pizza Bar, this year Sahel is welcoming Dano’s Beach Club, the latest addition to the beach’s sunny rendezvous collection. Having undergone a complete make-over, Danos Beach Club is already gaining the reputation as the place to go to get your weekend started. Complete with authentic Greek food, a clear coastal view and a themed party every Friday, this beach club is conquering the summer head on.

Location: Hacienda S

3. Kiki’s Beach Bar

A great way to start the Party-Goer’s summer afternoons is to head to Hacienda White’s latest edition. Kiki’s Beach Bar has drawn crowds with its opening and has continued to do so as this season progressed. Its tropical atmosphere, reviving cocktails and hit music is a winning combination for a party-goer’s late-afternoons. Complimented by a sunset view and sea-side waves, Kiki’s Beach Bar is the go-to destination for that nice cold drink and a quick light meal before cooling off in Hacienda’s crystal waters.

Location: Hacienda White

The Chillster

Unlike the party-lover and the athlete, the chillster has exerted enough energy in Cairo and does not want to come back from vacation even more exhausted. Your personality type is probably seeking some quiet time to relax and unwind from the ever-consuming problems of work back home. During the weekends, you find that Sahel tends to be filled up with people, cars and noise, making it difficult to just enjoy nature and finish up that good book you’ve been meaning to get to. However, with recent expansions and renovations, the North Coast has some remote areas that are tailored to your introverted needs.

1. Telal

One of Sahel’s recent developments, Telal is known for its off-the-course, chilled atmosphere and uncongested beaches that are more than ideal for your relaxation.  Pack your books, your drinks, and chill on the beach.

2. Ghazala Bay

Looking for crystal clear blue waters, crisp sea air, and nature’s molten sunset? Ghazala Bay prides itself for its heavenly scenery and alluring atmosphere. Its privacy and calmness are also something to look forward to when it comes to your personality type. Here you can truly recharge, unravel and relax before heading back to Cairo’s chaos.

3. Sidi Henesh

If you’re one of those people who truly prefer to be on a remote island in the Mediterranean Sea, then Sidi Henenish is the place for you. Book  your stay at WhiteBay, Sidi Henesh for that luxurious yet nature-filled escape you’ve been craving.  The beach and crystal clear waters are spectacular.

The Family Fanatic

If you like to use your vacation to bond with family and friends and are looking for a child friendly resort with plenty of activities for the kids, read on. It can be difficult to find family friendly beaches where youngsters have fun and safe activities, while you relax. Thankfully, we’ve found some such places for you.

1. Wild Guanabana – Muricata at Diplo

Muricata has taken its adventures to the North Coast with summer camp this year. Partnering with Inertia, Muricata provides your kids with fun-filled activities from the start to the end of August. All games include a valuable learning outcome, team-player skills, as well as mentally challenging objectives, making them both fun and informative for your little ones. Even better, the camp’s location allows you to bask in the sun while staying worry-free for the day.

Location: North Coast’s Diplo 3

2. Almaza Bay Camp by Les Elfes

Kids learn to be independent when away from their parents. If you’re looking for that kind of experience for your child, then Almaza Bay is the answer. This year, Almaza Bay Camp by Les Elfes comes with some special surprises and guided expertise to ensure that your youngsters have the summer of their dreams. For children ages 7-14, Almaza Bay Camp offers a supervised environment where they can make new friends, learn new skills, bask in the water and have a good time as well.

Location: Almaza Bay

3. Wellspring

Safety is priority for all parents, which is why Wellspring is a welcome addition to the North Coast. The camp will provide your kids with a summer packed with fun in a secure environment. Your child will have the choice for an overnight stay or just a day of pure amusement by the Mediterranean shore.

Location: Marassi